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Who likes to wear colored contact lens?

This discussion is about "Who likes to wear colored contact lens?" in the "Trends & Fashion" forums.
i like..but kapoy taud dugay ko mahuman huhuhu...

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    i like..but kapoy taud dugay ko mahuman huhuhu

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowhitekorean12 View Post
    Hello mga girls and girlalo kinsa like mag wear diri colored contact lens..share your experienced...

    Not for me.. but i guess when i get older when i have to wear glasses, think id opt for a contatc lens instead.. but as an accesory, i dont think so.

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    Last year lang ko nag start wearing colored contact lenses. But what I have only is Misty Grey and Brown colors.

    All my contacts have a degree kay daot lage ug mata...

    If you want to use contact lenses, be ready lang jud sa eye comforter drops. Cuz if too much cold or too warm kay mag uga ang eyes and

    irritating kaau xa...

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    at some point, i wore colored contact lenses, blue, they had my grade, it was weird at first but i got used to them, but now im wearing glasses, i got tired of taking them out and putting them back on, you really have to have the patience and the cleanliness and it just takes so much time compared to glasses hahaha

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    I prefer glasses. Lenses are uncomfortable for me

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    I like the last glasses a lot. Indeed, I admire stylish frames, but for myself, I select contact lenses. I feel free and comfortable only when I wear them. To tell the truth, I really suffer when I'm in glasses. You know, I always dreamed to change the color of my eyes, so I ordered some pairs of colored lenses from Indeed, it became my favorite accessories. I change colors every day, depending on my mood. For me, it is really a perfect opportunity which competes with all the glasses.

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