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whats the best leg-make up?

This discussion is about "whats the best leg-make up?" in the "Trends & Fashion" forums.
for those people who use leg make-up, unsa mn ang nindot na brand inyo gamit?...

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    Default whats the best leg-make up?

    for those people who use leg make-up, unsa mn ang nindot na brand inyo gamit?

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    make up an diay ang legs karun pako. dili alimuot?

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    i dont use make up for legs but i have seen sa mall na nagbaligya ani.. try Sally Hanssen
    naa ni cya sa Metro Ayala, watson, SM
    i forgot the price

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    ang Sally Hanssen kay tag 999.75 sa SM..hehe akong friend mu use ug leg make up..murag substitute cya sa stockings..aron nindot tan-awn ang legs..hehehe naay leg make up nga tag 170 plus..hehe

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