Balance body exercises are one of the best ways of relaxation and meditation. For years, such therapies have been used by trainer and people in general to increase their level of mental peace and satisfaction. Balance body exercises are also used to increase a person's functional fitness. In fact, many of these trainings start with a basic balance exercises such as one-legged fat.

Balance body exercises have the primary objective of increasing the level of control exerted by an individual on his body. They help maintain the equilibrium of an individual's body and thus, also help him remain in shape. Generally, from a medical point of view, balance body exercises are recommended for older patients who due to seniority, experience bodily balance issues. If started at a young age, however, these exercises can help prevent issues in old age.

As previously mentioned, balance body exercises are also used by people as a source of relaxation. One fundamental use of these exercises can be seen in yoga. Whereby in some exercises, individuals have to balance themselves on one leg for long periods of time.

The key to balance body exercises is different from that of functional fitness exercises. In these exercises, the individual has to concentrate more on the environmental cues such as the surrounding aromas, sounds, textures and so forth. Thus, these exercises perform a dual function of increasing a person's functional fitness and relaxing his senses.

Some common balance body exercises include:

Plantar Extensions

These exercises call for an individual to stand on their tiptoes, usually on an elevated plane such as a staircase, hold that position for around 30 seconds and then return the heels back to the ground. Initially in this exercise, the subject is allowed to take some support from a staircase railing, which is slowly tapered off. As obvious, this exercise calls for a synchronization of all the bodily muscles and is thus very good for fitness.

Body Pilates

The above-mentioned exercises move at a gradual pace and are an amalgamation of yoga and aerobics. These exercises use the "Contrology" technique which refers to the focus of an individual's mind to control his muscles. The postural muscles of the body are the areas of focus in these exercises since they are important in providing spinal support. Breathing exercises form a part of body Pilates.