Tenpoint Renegade XLT Crossbow

Price: 30k
Contact #: 09951582116


As a pro-shop exclusive, the TenPoint Renegade XLT is a serious performer new for 2017 that delivers top-end performance at a great price. Ten Point Fusion UltraLite Stock and Field Proven bow assembly that delivers knockdown power and speeds up to 340 FPS. Separating this bow from the 2017 Renegade, the Renegade XLT offers a shorter axle-to-axle that makes this bow more compact and still able to deliver blistering speed! Each Renegade XLT come equipped with:

AcuDraw or AcuDraw 50 cocking device

3 Arrow quick detach quiver

3 pack of TenPoint Pro Elite Arrows and 100 grain field points

3X illuminated Pro-View scope


Up to 340 FPS

Up to 97 FP KE

165 lb. Draw Weight

13.5" Axle to Axle