Hi, we would like to announce that Coigg Financial Group Inc. has officially released Coigg.com - Buy, Sell, Trade & Invest Bitcoins in Philippines with benefits of low fees, fast deposit & withdrawal processing & local support from Filipino founders.

Free trading fee - No commission deducted on buy and sell orders
Open Source Code - The website is running in a safe open source code reviewable by client.
Publicly Auditable - Reserves and company assets are accessible to its clients
Instant Trades - Realtime order matching
High-end Engines - Can handle upto millions of transactions a day
Instant Transfer - 1 business day processing for all fiat paper & crypto currency deposits & withdrawal requests
Cold Storage - Bitcoin deposits are stored in offline vault
SMS Verification - All withdrawal needs to go trough a SMS verification to ensure only the owner of account made the transaction
Service- Our team is consist of Filipino technologist, financial experts, venture capitalist & bitcoin enthusiast we aim to provide a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading & investment opportunities to our valued clients.

Join the Coigg Traders: https://www.coigg.com/signin

Wishing you a great success & prosperity

Best regards,
Coigg Team
Business center: Yusing bldg. unit 2c Ramos st. Cebu City 6000
Email: support@coigg.com
Contact: 69333475209