Team Lukapa Bike Boot Camp.

This boot camp is dedicated in spreading the basic handling skills of trail riding.

This will minimize accidents that happens in the trail because of lack of skills and experience.

Basic Skills:
Body Positioning how to position your body on steep terrain.
Braking - how to apply brake and position your body for maximum wheel traction to avoid skids and maintain balance.
Flat Land Turn how to tackle flat land to avoid overshooting and accidents.

Intermediate Skills
Berms and Switchbacks how to position your body on switchbacks and berms while maintaining decent speed.
Jumps and Drops the best part of Trail Riding are these two  so it is important to know how to do this for maximum trail experience.
J-Hop - Rocks, ruts, roots are the masters of ambush in the trail, this skill will help you get out or hop over it unscathed.

Basic Skills Fee (per pax)
Body Positioning 100
Braking 100
Flat Land Turn 100
Note: You can have the 3 skill set for P 250.00. Basic skills can be acquired within 1 day of training.
Intermediate Skills
Berms and Switchbacks 100
Jumps and Drops 250
J-Hop 350
Note: Intermediate Skills can span more than a month to acquire. Fees are one time only, if you happen to learn these skills for a year, you can attend the boot camp free of charge for 1 year or so.

For inquiries.
Mark Anthony Racal (Kuroro)
09167339103 Globe
09261755445 TM
09332335911 SUN
273-4320 Landline

Christian Cabansay (Xtianskie)
09352754874 TM

Note: after training we will have a graduation trail wherein you get to test the skills you have acquired... the video below is the example of a graduation trail and it will be documented like this so you can boast it in your FB

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