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Whats the Best Class Build in Rose Online?

This discussion is about "Whats the Best Class Build in Rose Online?" in the "Software & Games (Old)" forums.
Rose Online experts out me out... Which class build has the greatest skill damage? Whats the best class? And the best build in stats ...

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    Default Whats the Best Class Build in Rose Online?

    Rose Online experts out me out...

    Which class build has the greatest skill damage?

    Whats the best class?

    And the best build in stats also for that certain best class?

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    Default Re: Whats the Best Class Build in Rose Online?

    i have been playing ROSE since international server was released... and i am still playing now in pROSE... and for as long as i remember, there isn't a so-called best class... they are all equal in the making... it only depends on what role you want to be in the game... here are some hints and tips on character classes though...

    - can either go for Knight or Champion.
    - Knights are for defensive characters while Chamions are for offensive.
    - Knights use one-handed weapons and a shield.
    - Champions use two-handed weapons and can choose either sword, spear or axe.

    - can either go for Raider or Scout.
    - Raiders can choose either knuckle-type or dual weapon type.
    - Scouts use bow.
    - hawkers rely mainly on dodge and speed to survive.

    - can either go for Artisan or Burgoise (i don't know the correct spelling)
    - Artisans are the master crafters while Burgoise are best in summoning mercenaries to aid them.
    - dealers can choose from using a gun or a launcher.

    - can either go for Cleric or Mage.
    - Clerics are the what we call as "buffers" in a party, or healers.
    - Mages are the power2x stuff. you know na what i mean.
    - Clerics use wand while Mages use staff.

    and for the stats, you choose what build you want. this is a free game... here are the stats description...


    Strength (STR)
    - Increase Maximum HP
    - Increase Carrying Weight
    - Increase Physical Defense
    - Increase Melee Weapon Damage
    - Increase Ranged Weapon Damage

    Dexterity (DEX)
    - Increase Dodge Rate
    - Increase Movement Speed
    - Increase Bow and Katar
    - Increase Other Melee Weapon Damage

    Intelligence (INT)
    - Increase Maximum MP
    - Increase Magic Defense
    - Increase Magic Attack Damage

    Concentration (CON)
    - Increase HP/MP Regeneration Rate
    - Increase All Attack Accuracy
    - Increase Gun Attack Damage
    - Increase Crafting Success Rate

    Charisma (CHA)
    - Increase Monster Aggressiveness towards Player
    - Increase Quest Reward Bonus
    - Increase Quest Item Drop Rates
    - Increase Normal Rare Drop Rates

    Sensibility (SEN)
    - Increase Critical Hit Rate (Need around 200 SEN to have almost 100% Critical Rate.)
    - Increase Skill Damage
    - Increase Quality of Crafted Items

    and for the stats that gives damage to a weapon. here's the weapon stats description...

    WEAPON STAT %(Not 100% accurate.)

    One Handed Swords - 100% STR
    Two Handed Swords - 100% STR
    Spears - 100% STR
    One Handed Blunt - 100% STR
    Two Handed Blunt - 100% STR

    Guns = 50% CON , 45% DEX , 5% SEN
    Launchers = 45% CON , 55% STR

    Wands = 65% INT , 35% SEN
    Staffs = 60% INT , 40% STR

    Dual Sword = 50% DEX , 50% STR
    Katars = 60% DEX , 40% STR
    Bows = 75% DEX , 10% STR , 15% SEN
    Crossbow = 60% DEX , 35% STR, 5% SEN

    so i hope this guide helps... and see you ingame... i'm in POLARIS server... IGN: kaede or kasuke

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    Default Re: Whats the Best Class Build in Rose Online?

    In iROSE, Knights and Mages ruled the game. In pROSE, Axe Champs are the best.

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