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    Default Hair-Dyeing/Coloring~ Inquiries and Information

    1.)what's the cheapest available hair coloring product in the market?

    2.)what product do you prefer?

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    cheapest I know is one of those small boxes of dye..but I heard that they're horrible for the hair..

    preferred products are the more known brands like Wella or L'oreal...

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    any temporary hair color that gives best results...what man?

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    Wella, Loreal, Revlon

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    unsay makapataas sa buhok ug dali.........pls.....

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    unfortunely istorya there's nothing of that sort of product...but i heard that some local actors and actresses do use a shampoo which makes their hair grow fast...dunno if there is any truth to this....hairgrowers do not make the hair grow fast but are a remedy for baldness...

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    shampoo daw sa kabayo, effective daw.... hehe....

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    by the way, natea hair coloring products smell good... ur hair won't reek of that nasty strong chemical stench that other hair coloring products leave...

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    Default HAIR COLOR

    i use Loreal preference permanent light brown.

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    Default Re: HAIR COLOR

    The next time moadto mo sa beauty salon mga girls n boys - pls. make sure the hairdye brand u've chosen is really wat deyr using on ur hair. A close fren of mine nga hairdresser sad told me NOT ol beauty salons are honest.
    They will make u pay for really expensive ones nga supposedly maoy imong gipili but in reality - kanang tag 30 pesos nga made in ambot diin gikan lang gigamit nila. He shud know. And I admit der myt b some truth to it cos i myself d man jud pakit-on wen dey mix dem somewhere but never in front of u. ]
    So insist on letting dem mix it b4 ur eyes.

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