There are multiple essay writing services out there ready to offer you their services. But the question of how I should pick a particular essay writer to write an essay for me would have crossed your mind now and then. While selecting a particular writer or writing service, you should check if they can provide you an essay with the following characteristics.

Avoiding unnecessary volume

Although essays are lengthy pieces of writings, you should consider that unnecessary volume won’t help. Rather, writing unnecessarily large volumes of words will make the essay monotonous and irrelevant. The reader is also most likely to lose interest due to it. Therefore, the essay should neither be too long nor should it be too short. It should follow an optimum length as per the demand of the topic.

Addressing the topic from all dimensions

An essay topic is always a statement with multiple keywords in it. The terms in the topic or the statement itself propose multiple dimensions to discuss the topic. So a comprehensive essay will always explain these have multiple dimensions and help the readers understand them better.

A brief yet comprehensive thesis statement

A thesis statement is the most fundamental part of an essay. It briefly describes your stance and knowledge about the topic. A thesis statement should not be longer than two or three sentences. A clear and comprehensive thesis statement always marks a good essay.

Element of interest

A good essay should always keep the reader interested in reading the essay. This applies from the first word of the essay to the last. Quotations, interesting facts, or anecdotal starts help to hook the reader to read your essay. The coherence of the body paragraphs will further help you to keep the reader interested till the end.

Clarity and Cohesion

One of the major qualities of a good essay is that they are clear and cohesive. By clarity, we mean that the language and expression should be simple enough to communicate the message clearly. Cohesion means that all paragraphs should be linked so that the whole essay looks like a unit.

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

Ethos refers to the authenticity or the credibility of the writer and the writing. So, the writer should be well-qualified, and the writing should be authentic. Logos means the logic, facts, and evidence of the essay. The essay’s conclusion should be based on logical inferences backed by reported facts and pieces of evidence.

Pathos is the word used to describe the emotions expressed in the essay. Each essay topic conveys an emotion. An argumentative topic has a different emotion than a biography or a narrative essay. The language of the essay should aptly describe the emotion of the essay.

Proper Essay Structure

The most basic characteristic of a good essay is its structure. An essay should be well-structured in the form of an introduction, body, and conclusion. There are also different types of essays that require a particular structure. The entire essay will be structured according to it. So, a well-written essay will always follow a particular structure, according to the essay’s type.

Zero Plagiarism

Zero plagiarism is a major requirement of all educational institutions and instructors. Your whole degree depends on it because high plagiarism is a very serious offense. Thus, a good essay should not have plagiarised content. An essay should be based upon facts but should be written in your own words.

Before choosing an essay writing service for writing your essay, always read their writing samples. When you read their writing samples, make sure that you check this list of characteristics. Analyze if their samples are good enough or not. Make an informed decision based upon your analysis of their work.