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    Default Hope to learn Graphic desinging

    I have an idea to learn Graphic designing..But I do not have any drawing or painting skills? Is it useless to try it without any artistic skill?

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    You don't need to have the drawing skill, it is important to know how to use the software as photoshop, illustrator. Don't give up and practise as much as possible in this field.

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    No it does not, wala gali koy alamag sa drawing stickman ra HAHAHAH, practice then tan-aw kag mga inspiratinal designs, like pinterest usualy anha ko mangita og inspiration. and oh, this helps me alot

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    you don't need drawing skills pra ma consider ka as GD. not ncessarily.
    just learn the fundamentals and start from there. dghan resources available online if gusto mkakat.on sa tools.

    i suggest checking out chris do/thefutur sa YT in terms of marketing yourself/self-help and getting in the right mindset ani nga direction. it worked for me. hopefully sa inyuha sab.

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    Now there are many different courses, you can learn from scratch.

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    It's very interesting. I tried once, but I have no patience for learning)

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    I am also interested in this topic

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    Thank you for the thread, it is always interesting for me to learn graphic design, very nice! I often design some interesting and good looking Lapel Pins which I then sell online, so it is really important to me

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    learn the elements of design. and simple na lang kaayo ig design nimo

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeraP View Post
    I have an idea to learn Graphic designing..But I do not have any drawing or painting skills? Is it useless to try it without any artistic skill?
    No, it is not useless to try graphic designing without any drawing or painting skills. While having artistic skills can be beneficial in graphic design, it is not a prerequisite for learning and excelling in the field. Graphic design encompasses various aspects such as layout design, typography, color theory, and digital tools.

    Here are a few reasons why you can still pursue graphic design without traditional artistic skills:

    Digital Tools: Graphic design has become highly digitalized, and there are numerous software programs and tools available that can assist you in creating designs. These tools often provide features like pre-made shapes, templates, and graphic elements that can help you create visually appealing designs without needing to draw from scratch.

    Focus on Layout and Composition: Graphic design involves arranging elements on a page or screen in a visually pleasing and effective way. Understanding principles of composition, such as balance, hierarchy, and spacing, is crucial. These principles can be learned and practiced, regardless of your drawing abilities.

    Typography: Typography is a vital aspect of graphic design. It involves selecting and arranging fonts to enhance readability and convey a specific mood or message. You can learn about typography and experiment with different font combinations to create impactful designs.

    Image Editing: Graphic designers often work with existing images, manipulating and enhancing them to suit their design goals. Developing skills in image editing software can be more important than drawing ability, as you'll be able to edit and modify images to fit your design needs.

    Learn and Practice: Like any skill, graphic design requires learning and practice. Take advantage of online tutorials, courses, and resources that can help you understand the fundamentals of design. Engage in projects and practice regularly to improve your skills.

    Remember, graphic design is a broad field, and there are many different niches and specializations within it. While drawing and painting skills can be valuable in certain areas, they are not the only determining factors for success. With dedication, practice, and a focus on learning the principles and tools of graphic design, you can develop your skills and create visually appealing designs.

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