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    Quote Originally Posted by slakker View Post
    daghana na ads sa youtube, unya sigig hagad anang premium nila, samoka...
    sa chrome, ad block ko boss. if sa phone. Brave Browser akong gamiton kay walay ads ang youtube

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    daghan man.. pero ang current favorite youtube channel is:

    sNack! - kay tan-awn pirmi sa ilang variety show: RunningMan

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    bati na content lately sa mga travel vloggers...

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    urban gardening,organic vegetables gardening in particular. growing vegetables in a pot or container to sustain foods especially in time of crisis.

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    I like anything related to beauty and makeup, so Carly Bybel, Tati, Jeffree Star, Kathleen Lights, and many more are my favorites. Also channels like Clever, that spread rumors are very interesting to watch. A thing I don't get, is how do these channels have millions and millions of subscribers. For example, I do watch them regularly, but I think I'm subscribed to less than half of them. I know that it's possible to get cheap subscribers from or other similar platforms, but I wonder if this is how they get them, or people really subscribe to so many channels. How many channels are you subscribed to?

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    I just realised that I can't understand which is my favourite channel.

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    I like channels that give me some information. I mean all types of tutorials and those that show the real life of wild animals. They are incredible people. How they explore the world and wildlife. I would like to become a travel blogger too. Can you imagine, having a travel channel I'll receive a lot of likes hehe. But as far as I know, now it is not so hard to get likes. Everyone can buy them in order to develop their account. For example, one of my friends bought some likes for youtube from here These guys helped him a lot with his channel. I guess that everything will be fine with my account when I'll create it.

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    I don't have any specific favorite channel on YouTube. I'm either looking for something specific on a topic that interests me or watching everything in a row.
    Or I have a bad habit of watching all sorts of stupid videos at 2 am when I should be asleep.
    Well, for example, I can watch a documentary about pelicans, about where they live, what they eat, how they breed and who hunts them. Or I can watch diy videos showing how to make an evening dress from an old T-shirt, or how to make an interior element from a bottle. Or I can watch the top stars who don't shave their armpits. Or I can watch someone who prove that the earth is flat. I don't know how I find such videos and I don't know why I watch it if I don't need it.

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    diy... that could help you save money....instead of buying, just do it yourself, you've learn a lot of what you're doing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisbarett View Post
    Yeah you ar absolutely right. trading lessons on youtube are very useful and help to develop the skills in trading. I have used youtube since it appeared. It is a genial platform which gives new chances to people. it is a good way to earn some money or to become famous. You can share your minds there! I have a channel on youtube. First months were terrible, as it happens. But after I decided to buy live audience on Youtube channel the statistics increased. Now I even earn money from Youtube.
    The USA trusted agency for buy social media marketing is . Hope this will help you.

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