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    Default Linux mint on netbooks - kinsa nka suway?

    Kinsa nka try ug install? interested ko aning Cherry mobile cube box, pero I don't want to use windows in it, though di sd jd ko sure kng pwede b ma installan, pero kng pwede ni ilisdan ug linux mint, aw nndt kaau... anyone here tried it na?

    maybe not on the cube box but something similar like lenovo ideapad 100s.. unsa exp ninyo and unsa probs pwede ma encounter?

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    14-inch 1366 x 768 TN display
    1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core CPU
    Intel HD Graphics
    2GB RAM
    32GB storage

    at this specs... its decent... but its a windows tablet... might not be walk in the park sa pag install.... if ani nga specs... id rather stick with windows 10... or install remix OS

    not a big fan of mint... id rather use LXDE nga environment... linux mint uses wayland which has a lot of issue running on touch capable system... try lang usa padagan ug live usb... if di ba hinay...

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    btw kita ka ana local baligya? interested ko ana da...

    UPDATE: just called up cherry mobile main office sa cebu... its only available online...
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    ni try ko xubuntu sa very old nga laptop ni gana ra man.. 2GB ram (recently upgraded to 8GB) pero ma limited siya sa iya dual core nga processor..

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    tauod2x na man diay ni nga post... yes, still using the same laptop with the same OS...

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