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    What about air, Is there any air on Mars?

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    Muricans not interested... they want oil!!

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    Experts also think Mars is hiding big reserves of water in the form of underground ice. But until we can take more readings and samples from the surface, it's all just educated guesswork for the time being.

    Now the researchers want to use the same principles to study the possibility of finding water locked away in other planets, based on the composition of their rocks and tectonic activity – and where there's water, there might be life.


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    Actually as per Novemeber 2017: It is an Avalanche of Sand.

    Mars liquid water hopes drying up as 'flowing streams' found to be sand avalanches - Science News - ABC News

    IMO, sakto na ang kalibutan para sa katawhan. Let the rest be.
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    we are going to Marss!

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    There Was life On Mars, But An ‘Catastrophic Event’ Wiped It Out Suggest Scientists

    Possible jud mapuy-an didto based lang aning article akong nakita through further research. Kaso basin mobalik ning hitaboa or basin ga balik2x ni nga experience didto.

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    Wow, really? So cool

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    For space observing there are many things made by humans. Today, there is no much need to send humans to space to explore it. Satellites are perfect for this purpose. With the help of satellites, we can easily track the changes in the Earth - we can observe the climate changes, deforestation, whales from space, and so on.

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    I think soon we'll know it for sure. According to plan of a "Mars-One" project, in a 2026 rover would be launched to help select the location of the settlement. A second ComSat would launch to L5 to enable near-24/7 communication. Later, in 2032, the first colonists will arrive on Mars in a notional lander. The second crew would arrive in 2034. And to 2040 the colony is about to reach 20 settlers.

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