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    Default who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    Who has gone Treasure Hunting here in Cebu?

    I would appreciate if anybody can share Maps, trails, etc...

    Anybody here who has gadgets for treasure hunting?

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    Bitaw, naa pabay treasure nga nakatago karon

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    i've never tried..... i would prefer rabbit hunting...

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    lingaw nah? dli hadlok' sak2 ka langga rabbit hunting na lang

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    nindot na dah.. treasure hunting..may lang unta makakita og treasure in our lifetime..basin kulang jud makit-an.. rabbit hunting nalng

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    yeah sa one dollar store or sa garage sales or rummage sales sa flea market daghay what kind you mean? gold? daghan na sa amo town my lolo used to tell me stories about gold. manilhig lang ka sa mga sapa or the river banks of Agusan Del Norte, in Mindanao daghan didto. I know they continue to treasure hunt for gold up to the present time and some people i know invest in it kay naa lagi kuno naa sila mga equipment that can detect those spots or areas where they suspect there is Gold.

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    wata kahibaw basig naa pa diay nakatago.'s_gold

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    daghan ni dri sa bohol, ive met several prominent people (generals, local and high ranking national politians even those who are in the palace) through this expensive "bisyo" mao bitaw hit kaayo nang wowowee or lotto coz common nature na nato mga pinoy nang easy money, of course power and fame is a favorite..thats why daghan pa gyud ang misulod ani and mo invest hangtod kahubo na ug purol hehehe and since daghan interested naa sad ilad..isa sa nailad ani are me and some close family friends, one project lang hurot ang P2.5M nya walay nakita puro ra anapog, cement and some hard stones..karon ang buho gihimo nalang fishpond..those guys who claimed to be treasure hunters would ask money everytime mag "scan" sila sa site using their ground-penetrating devices then pag naka sked na nga makuha an butang ngayo nasad sila ug money hangtod tingala nalang ka nga sige ra ka ug hatag nya kalit lang sila ug kawala kay wala naman sila alibi or gimmik left. the awful thing about it is that they are really capable of convincing you since they have all the devices and some evidences that its really there..i called it quits after three months wala nako kasabot, some of my friends are still into it mag two years na, the good thing about it is that dili na sila ang mogasto ang treasure hunters na gyud and those who own the hi-tech devices so maybe just maybe this time its for real..if your interested i can hook u up with them..they are financing and working on more than ten treasure sites here in bohol, dumaguete, and some parts in mindanao.

    but then dili tanan scam, naa man sad gyud nakuha like this one

    weve learned our lesson well, its not easy to live with false hopes and being broke with ZERO return of investment...not to mention once youve found it u are definitely in a dangerous spot every crooked politicians, military men and goons will be after you..oh by the way kana akong gi post dili na ako ha im just helping those guys who found it they dont know how to use the pc and internet man gud hehehe so ayaw ko ninyo tulisa kay kapoy2x lang mo wala moy makuha sa ako namaligya naman gani ta ug mga kabtangan like this car and this business pls check on the links those are real treasures mas sure pa na naa na gyud na mi exist na kaysa mangobkob ka nya walay agi kapoy selling those kay larga nako puhon sa gawas..peace

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    bai arnold pag organize

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    Default Re: who has gone TREASURE HUNTING?

    by the way those who are already doing this pls pm me, basin kana mga treasure hunters nga inyong kuyog are those who fooled us hehehe bitaw im serious pm me the so-called names of these guys, physical description, where theyre from, what theyve claimed to be basta anything coz its possible that you guys are working with the same maggots that pulled a huge scam on us..daghan au mi dri nangita ana nila if we will find them amo gyud laplapan ang would be great kung mo share mo para sad dili kamo ang next posible victim who knows you already are a victim, just trying to help here and at the same time claiming on our sweet revenge ..thanks guys

    despite what happened with no shed of doubt i do believe that buried treasures do exist, its just a matter of having the right team, the right ground penetrating devices, lots of cash to finance the operation and alot of FAITH..

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