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    Still waiting for the 950 XL. Anyone have it already?

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    i have one for sale. Complete with receipt .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibsity View Post
    Still waiting for the 950 XL. Anyone have it already?
    I just got my unit last Saturday at the MemoXpress outlet in SM City Cebu. I'm still getting used to it since I've been on an iPhone for the past two years, but it's been great so far! I'm not feeling the app gap, as most of the apps I used to use have Windows versions, but some of them need serious updating (ehem, Facebook Messenger and Instagram). Definitely like the battery life. I can go on one full day (moderate to heavy usage) without having to charge it.

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    nagka way lami ang lumia.
    wa na ko na excite. haha. pero curious japon ko sa upcoming nga surface phone.

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    I've been using my lumia 920 for almost 4 years now. Been very satisfied with it esp. the camera and video quality. I am seriously considering switching to lumia 950 xl or blackberry priv.

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    Three weeks on my Lumia 950 XL and I'm pretty happy about it. The camera is awesome! Still wish they'd update the Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps, but it's not a deal breaker.

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    does it not bother you guys nga biya japon ta sa apps? di mn pud ingon nga need jd nato tanan, but naa lang uban nga we wish naa pud sa WP platform.

    also, wa pa japon ang WM10 update. marso nlng.

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    got 2 1520. sold them both. huwat. and win10 rolledout today waahh

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    Needs update on win10 and some apps... but good phone and great camera... Lumia 640 XL user....

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    Heads Up mga Windows Phone Users, naay update ang Windows karon.
    Windows 8.1 Update 2

    nag zenfone2 ko karon pero naa ra gihapon akong Lumia para ma saksihan nako ang development sa Microsoft hehe dili gihapon ma basta basta ang windows phone

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