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    very cool. could you tell me about yourself?

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    I livi in au. I often visit germany and turkey

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    I collect musical instruments, specifically violin, cello, violin bows and cello bows. Both from contemporary makers as well as antique ones from known makers. I love the tone that these musical instruments produce and encourage any violinist or cellist to collect them as well.

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    Really nice

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    I collect lapel pins, and I like this hobby a lot. Do you guys collect something? Maybe you can share your collections here? I have got some cool Custom Military Badges recently, and I would like to share some pics soon

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    I have collected a lot of 3D models and skins in Call of Duty Mobile. I have playing the game since it's initial release and I have some of the largest collections of characters in the game. That's my hobby. I want to collect everything inside the game.

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    I've been an avid collector for years, and I must say, my collection hobby has evolved beautifully. From vintage coins to rare stamps, I've found treasures that hold sentimental value. Recently, I had an issue with one of my collectibles, and I had to reach out to Danbury Mint customer service . Their prompt response and assistance were impressive, making my collecting experience even more enjoyable. It's cool to connect with fellow collectors here and share our passions!

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