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    Blackberry is not an ideal phone for entertainment..
    it is business phone with business functions..
    if you want entertainment , games etc. buy an android flatform.
    but if you are more into business buy bb os or windows os. . .

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    dili ko kabalo mo gamit bb.tagan ta ko wala nako gi dawat.

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    ts is back heheeh..i found the right phone for me,windows phone is my heaven..di na ko mangita ug lain..heheheh

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    Blackberry is for people who does good in their careers, it is for professionals =D

    No offense against other phones but definitely most if not all high ranking employees or top management officers used Blackberries =D

    Ive been using this for a year and I will continue to use it until I no longer need its services =D

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    I agree to above post. . . My first smartphone device is BB 9300 . . Naguba nlng ang mga hardware pero fxn japon. . If only i can afford BB10 . Hehe

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    Gamit kaau ang BB nako...Especially sa akong course nga computer studies...pwede man gud cya maka excel,word document og power point....

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    blackberry does not have the same purpose as android/ios. naka gamit kog blackberry and i have to say the communication is superb. especially ang signal reception, sa ako mga android phones ig sud sa room mawa ang signal (SUN) pero ang blackberry dli. naa sad LED notification, hardware keyboard sad. ang hardware mas saun itype kaysa soft pede rsad ka dli mag tan aw hehe.

    if communication lang salute jd ko sa blackberry. pero wa jd ko kasabot ngano mag butang silag high specs sa bb z10 or q10

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    batian kas bb kng la nimo na xplore kaayu..mas hilig kos bb ky medjo sosyal nya pangbusiness fon sad n terms of battery fighter ang bb d parehas android dghan apps nagdagan so imo battery dali ra pud in browsing sd ang blackberry compared to android fon bsag dual core pana lupigon ra na sa bb nga single core..

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    Agree ko tanan except sa back up.. primary phone man nako ako BlackBerry passport. Ka head turner ra sa unit ah hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by irenper View Post
    ngano mn ning blackberr,mahal pero pirteng bati-a
    I don't like android cause it made by not optimizing the the device, which means daghan mga cons especially when it comes to battery power. Most apps from Android kusog2x jd mo kaon because android didn't focus the development for that device. Unlike Bb, iPhone, and Lumia.

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