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    Default LOVE vs/and RELIGION

    Me and my wife have different religion. I'm a roman catholic and she's a born again christian. We do not have a child yet but i was thinking what if naa na nya mi baby unya ako siya tudloan pagpanguros, what if maglibog unya siya kay ngano iya mama dili man manguros?

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    our fam was just like yours.. my pop is a baptist.. but was a former catholic.. and ma mum was a catholic then.. one of you must compromise. eventually my mum became a baptist, but not to the point that pop forced her. i was the only child then so i have to choose.. when i grew up. i made my choice..

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    @nudefreak, i think its proper you should share this concern with your wife and talk this over seriously because the spiritual formation of a child is a serious matter indeed.

    I sincerely believe that religion or how one worships is a personal choice, based on one's faith and ultimately your child will make his/her own beliefs and convictions when s/he is ready.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    i know a friend, the girl is muslim, the guy is roman catholic...they get along well man. strong gane kaau ila relationship. depende sa sabot²

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion understanding....

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    Ecumenical compromising. When the child is old enough, ipa sanggotot lang siya cos both in the couple will inevitably claim to be "the right way".

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    thanks a lot ninyo guys sa inyong bulowanong tambag

    bitaw galibog pud mi kay mura wa pa may willing namo mo give up sa amo religion gud.ganahan man gud unta ko nga mintras bata pa ang baby is naka-define na unsa iya sundon daan kay maka-influence na baya na ig dako na niya later ug unsay iya naandan.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    hala noh... lisod man pod na for the kid growing up. well, you can probably try to explain to the child (when you already have one) that you and your wife have different beliefs and that you both do things differently. you can teach your kid a thing or two bout being catholic and your wife can also show you child-to-be her religion's practices. and like soulshocked, the child can then decide when he's older.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    it is not necessary that one of you should give up your religion. maski usa sa amo wala man ni give up sa among religion. i am still a practicing catholic while he sticks to his own religion, though he is not practicing it anymore.
    i am a roman catholic and my husband is a baptist (but a former roman catholic). we now have 3 children. they are brought up the roman catholic way. before we had a child, we talked things out and agreed to compromise. whenever we go to church (catholic) every sunday, he has a choice, it's either he comes with us to church and hear mass or he meets with us after. nabunyagan ang mga bata sa simbahang katoliko. it is nice to go to church as a family. be one spiritually. mokuyog siya namo sa church, taman ra siya sa gawas sa church. mo sulod ra siya sa church on special occassions like kasal, birthday, bunyag, holy week. sa karon, kay gadako na ang mga bata, nagsabot mi nga maghinay-hinay siya ug orient sa iyang kaugalingon until nga maka kuyog na siya namo ug sulod sa church. the kids are growing up and are already starting to ask questions like "why is daddy not going to church with us?", mao na nga another compromise na pud. i don't force him kung unsa ang dili niya gusto, sa karon kuntento na ko nga naa ra siya sa gawas, kontento na sad ang mga bata nga makakita sa ilang daddy nga naa sa gawas. but i hope eventually the time will come nga kami na tanan mag kuyog mo sulod sa simbahan. we are now taking small steps in making this hope a reality.

    compromise, meet halfway. both of you go to the catholic church this sunday and then on the next sunday you both go to her church.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    Bro, I'm a Born-Again Christian kung ang imong problem is about pangpanguros. Wla man na problema sa amo religion in fact pwede mi manguros galing lng wla na nmo mapractice and wla mi maanad mao nang dli mi manguros and beside Roman Catholic and Born Again Christian have the same belief sa Santo lng ta naglahi ky wla mi Santo. Kung naa nmo baby and when he/she grow up let him decide what religion would be.

    @All, Religion is just secondary it is just a sector of our community. What important is your spiritual status with our GOD, your relationship with him. No matter what your religion is as long as you believe there is GOD and your spiritual relationship with him that what count.

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