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    Default is on the news!!

    so much for the low profile :mrgreen: two thumbs up :mrgreen:
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    Monday, April 16, 2007
    Mudslinging heats up in Mandaue
    By Aledel G. Cuizon
    Sun.Star Staff Reporter

    Internet forum is also buzzing with posts from different pro-Cortes and pro-Ouano members.

    Online buzz

    In the topic for Mandaue politics, one member who claims to be a son of a candidate for councilor posted a message that said his father was given P1 million by the Ouano camp for him not to run. Another member posted messages saying Jonkie is more qualified than Jonas and thus deserves to be mayor.

    One pro-Ouano member was banned after sending a pro-Cortes member derogatory remarks through a private message. allows its members to say anything as long as it’s not “below the belt.”

    Site keeper Benjie Ordoñez said in an interview with Sun.Star that many people are posting messages about politics because they are starting to be more aware of issues and getting “pro-active.”

    “This is just healthy discussion. Any discussion in politics is debatable,” he said.

    Gerald Yuvallos, administrator, said that the tolerance level is “loose.”

    “With the nature of discussion, things are expected to heat up,” he said.

    Yuvallos said that in the 2004 elections, the site had many comments on the rivalry between former Cebu City mayor Alvin Garcia and Mayor Tomas Osmeña.

    But that was when the site only had about 8,000 members. Now, the site has about 30,000 members.

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    Shut Up! Let your GAME do the talking!

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    Default Re: gets in the limelight... again...

    it is time for our voice be heard. give us this previledge not jst election issues but also all other simple things. As members we should be thankful and be cautious as well to our replies and posts as this might affect others. a healthy exchange of ideas is surely appreciated to all readers.
    to the forum... more power!!! :mrgreen:

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    Default Re: is on the news because of its politics & current events section.

    i was also surprise upon reading that news....layo na gyud kaau ug naabtan ang

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    Default Re: is on the news!!

    congrats to the men and women behind Istorya... you guys ROCK! :mrgreen:

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    Default Re: is on the news!!

    congrats ISTORYANS!

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    Default Re: is on the news!!


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    Default Re: is on the news!!

    wowww... congrats!

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    Default Re: is on the news!!

    Congrats to all of us....sikat na gyud ta!!!

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    Default Re: is on the news!!

    Yeheyyyy Congratulations to all Istoryans and most especially the people behind :mrgreen:
    Its about time our voices is heard :mrgreen:

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    Default Re: is on the news!!

    At least our voices are being heard!

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