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    I think instead of going to typical plant options you can pick indoor herbs that can very good when it comes to purifying the air. In this regard, rosemary is the first indoor herb that is not only good for skin and making tea but it also has the ability to clean your air.

    Several other indoor herbs like these could also be great air purifiers. Likewise, if you grow a 2 feet long basil plant at your home, it can cleanse your air with its white blossoms and wide leaves. By the same token, lavender is another useful indoor herb that can purify your air. But in case, you are allergic to lavender, you should avoid it.

    Some other air-purifying plants could be:

    - English Ivy
    - Chinese Evergreen
    - Peace Lily
    - Spider Plant

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    You can just imagine if we cultivate these plants not only indoors but all around our place (front & back yard, gardens, etc)....and what if the whole neighborhood keeps it as wel

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    Do they help with asthma? I would like to get any tips for it, I have some really bad asthma recently... I would like to try something like Albuterol sulfate HFA soon, for example. What do you think about that? Please let me know, thank you!

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