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    up up up . . . .

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    Thanks for the info

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    Wow, good for the health

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    cool, this is interesting!

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    The only plant I grow indoors is hemp happily it is legal here in my state, because the benefits from this plant are amazing, healing properties of cannabidiol are recognized all over the world (I highly recommend everyone to try it with special vapmod v-mod ).

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    I personally have aloe vera and snake plants at home. These are great at cleaning the air.
    Other plants may help like these

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    I know that this is very healthy, thank you for your advice!

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    As a child, I always had a cactus or aloe vera on my table, because my mother said that these plants purify the air. Maybe it is true, but i think the air purifier works better than the plants. Now I am 32 years old and I don't have a cactus at home, but I have good air purifiers and I feel that the air in the apartment is fresh. I can recommend you a good website Dehumidifier Critic where you can choose an air purifier at a good price. I am very happy with their quality. Buy plants for beauty, and leave the air purification to the technique.

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    good to know that my spider plant serves as natural air purifier

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    Hello, I think no one likes to clean houses , because the geniuses rule the chaos) But what would be easier to try household steamers for cleaning. I myself recently came across a great article that describes everything in detail. Tried it myself, I have not seen such a clean couch since I bought it. So definitely recommend it!"

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