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    Default Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Copywriter / Technical Writer

    Just three important responsibilities:
    1. read,
    2. understand what you read, and
    3. write the expected output according to specifications and requirements.

    Writers are responsible for producing top-quality app reviews and/or instructional guides (how to guides). Writers will be provided writing assignments, usually with online references. Additional research into an assigned writing topic is sometimes necessary. The writing assignments vary, depending on the client's particular field or industry. Though, in general, the writing assignments involve mobile technology, gadgets (especially smartphones and tablets), and software or apps.

    Required Qualifications

    Personal Attributes

    • at least 18 years old
    • demonstrable honor and personal integrity
    • dedication and commitment
    • ability to meet and honor deadlines
    • cheerful and positive attitude
    • resident of Cebu City or province
    • strong inclination towards or interest in general technology, mobile technology, cell phones and smartphones, mobile devices, opensource software, and mobile apps
    • willingness to learn and to be trained

    • ability to write easy-to-understand technical articles (review articles, how-to articles)
    • mastery of spoken and written Sinugbuanon
    • exceptional written English (impeccable grammar, spelling, and mechanics)
    • quick and accurate comprehension
    • ability to research
    • ability to search for answers before asking questions
    • ability to follow instructions
    • strong attention to details
    • basic graphics editing

    • own computer
    • broadband Internet connection
    • GMail account

    Preferred Qualifications

    The following qualifications are optional but preferred:

    • degree in English, English literature, language studies, linguistics, mass communications, political science, philosophy, economics, psychology, social science, information technology, communications technology, computer science, or computer engineering (or at least 72 units of college course credits leading to these degrees)
    • experience in personal blogging
    • experience in editing
    • experience in writing for a newspaper, magazine, or school paper
    • experience in technical documentation or technical writing

    Expected Output

    • at least five (5) feature articles to be submitted weekly
    • submission of articles for editing/review before 5:00 PM (Philippine time) of the specified deadline
    • article length of at least 500 words

    Important Notes

    • Qualified applicants will undergo exposure training.
    • Payments are made through UnionBank EON funds transfer in Philippine pesos.
    • Writers are paid for each article submitted, approved, and published. Starting per-article rate is US$3.50. Rates can increase depending on performance and quality.
    • Payments are sent out twice monthly (i.e., every 15 days).
    • The job is quick and easy for people with the right skills, mindset, and attitude.

    Four (4) slots available. All four openings are for home-based work. The job requires full commitment and is for long-term regular work, so this may not be the right job for mood writers, those who are looking for a quick buck, those who spread their time too thinly, those who have no focus or concentration, or those who embrace distractions lovingly.

    Depending on performance and output quality, part-time writers may be offered full-time positions, with a corresponding increase in remuneration plus additional perks and benefits.

    How to Apply

    Email contact [at] wordworksolutions [dot] com. Include samples of your most recent published feature articles. If you have personal blogs or websites, include the URLs, too. In your application email, explain why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Bump for today.

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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Update for the day.

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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Bump na sab karon.

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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    hi interested here. sent you guys an email at correct right?

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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Up, up, and away in our beautiful balloon!

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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Slots still available.

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    Default Re: Writer for Smartphone App Reviews and Instructional Guides (Home-based)

    Still accepting applicants.

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