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    Default Banilad Town Center parking.

    I'm just curious how the establishment will accommodate the parking of all their tenant‚Äôs customers.¬* Currently, even if not all the shops have opened yet, a parking shortage is already brewing.¬* Just imagine if all the shops will already be in full operation. How will they address an obvious potential parking problem?¬* Clearly a census is not needed to determine this could have been foreseen predicament. My wife is an architecture graduate and until today, she is still quite baffled why they never provided a basement parking, which in her opinion was ultimately the most practical and logical thing to do?

    Moreover, they should do something about the flow of traffic especially at night because their entrance/exit is near the country mall bridge which is a "deadly" accident prone area.¬*

    This will be the next dining and nightspot of choice but can you imagine the parking and traffic accident nightmare especially when you already had a few too many?

    I believe the management should seriously address to this problem by providing additional parking space which I assume will be in separate lot. How convenient!

    Any Architects or Civil Engineers in the house?!¬* Care for comments...

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    the concept of the building is very good except the parking. we were there yesterday 5pm parking is full. how much more if the Robinson's Supermaket will open on July 15... oh i cant imagine..

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    we have to live with it. you barely see any establishment with a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG parking area. puro gamitoy, kay most of the space is used for the establishment itself.

    ingna tong dimsum o, sila man daw tag-iya anang banilad town center he eh he

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    gamay ra ilang parking lot.
    ma trapic nasad na dinha, pareha sa crossroads.

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    panish gamay bitaw kaayo ilang parking space i was there yesterday

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    i'm not sure about providing separate lots for solely parking space.. it would entail additional cost for the owners, beside i can't see any nearby vacant space.. it would probably be very feasible if they will take over the lot used as cemetery at that back.. err.. and i don't think they will even try to do that.. they weren't able to force/convinced that shakey's mini store which is partly obstructing the establishment..

    i'm not an architect by profession, but one thing i noticed here though.. most establishments with basement parking are those with at lest 4-5 levels..

    as to the traffic.. it is indeed very prone to accidents, with it's location.. although i think they provide separate ways for incoming and outgoing vehicles..

    for an establishment which tenants are most likely catering customers who belongs to the middle to high-end class.. parking space would definitely affect the mall's profit and scope of market.. i had to park my car over country mall first before i was able to stroll over the place..

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    if you are going to ask me, it really doesn't make sense because that lot was already "sunken." all they had to do was build slabs for the 1st level [same level as the street] and voila! ...a basement parking.¬* as to the cost, I don't think it is that significant because a lot of establishments/buildings with far more lesser revenues than Banilad Town Center was able to feasibly come up with a basement parking.¬* the disadvantage far more outwieghs the benefits and advantage.

    I am not trying to make a fret out of this little thing, it's just that my wife being an architect and I on the other hand used to be in the construction business, it left us really quite baffled.

    Sayang the location, shops & concept is very nice basin ang traffic lang ang makadaot.¬* Being a motorist myself basta wala or alanganin gani ang parking, scratch gyud dayon.

    i believe they cannot make shakey's go away because they are on a long term lease and they had that structure built for them.

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    It get's really annoying cause their parking's very limited and it usually takes me around 30 minutes to get a measly parking slot during Friday and Saturday nights...

    They should've thought of providing an ample amount of parking space... *sigh*

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    ok ra madisgrasya na man mintiryo sa loyu.... hehehe

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    Default Re: Banilad Town Center parking.

    i was there this morning for coffee at Gloria Jeans Coffee and i saw a sign "More Parking". right after GJ right turn. i think there is more parking lot the back. i dont know how big. check it out....

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