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    is it really a blessing kung only child ka

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    hope naay mo interact diri kay usa pa ra ba among baby then akong husband di na ganahan pun an kay basin d nya sya kahatag sa tanang needs sa akong baby.on the other hand luoy man sad siguro kung usa ra no kay kami gani nga duha na mingaw pa man kung mangdagko na.

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    talk to your husband na dili pod maayo na usa ra pod ang inyong baby. luoy kau ining kadako walay maduolan if magkaproblema siya. pagplan lang gyud mu ug mau. pariha nako, i have 1 baby pa. so for now dili lang una namo kung feel namo nah kaya na ang 2nd baby why not diba? its all about planning. yaw sad i rush na karon or next year or maybe next year magka 2nd baby nagyud mu. tigum2x. take it slowly. one day at a time.

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    Here's an existing thread about "only child"

    For me it is a's hard to explain....

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