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    Default CASINO ROYALE 2006

    New James Bond, Ugly but well built. cge lang ka dugo ang nawng hehehe...

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    ahaka pud ug nawong ato niya uy... kontra bida kaayo...

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    enaf of his the movie good? worth it na tan-awon?

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    ambot lng kaha.. kapoyan nko tanaw sa james bond nga mga movies.. daghan na ayo.. sukad pa gd nah sauna pgkabata.. heheheh

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkclair
    enaf of his the movie good? worth it na tan-awon?
    hehehe, in fairness nindot ang movie, action gyud kaayo, daghan fight scenes, less gadgets used though...

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkclair
    enaf of his the movie good? worth it na tan-awon?
    nindot kay wala kaayo gadgets! murag back to basics jud, kinda like what happened in batman begins.
    and for me lang murag mas maayo siya mu act kaysa ni pierce brosnan, naa lang ko na bantayan na sayop dapit sa first part.. hehehe

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    here are some random thoughts i have bout the movie...

    i think its the gadgets that makes a bond film a bond film...the cars...the toys...the chicks! (as batman would say, "chicks dig the car!")
    and this sorely lacks that! none of the gurls there were that gorgeous AND all of them died!!! except M of course hehehe...

    I laugh my heart out when he arrived in a FORD....then saw a KIA in the back when he got to the villa hahaha! of course they totaly redeemed themselves with the cool wheels later on but that was short lived even before they flip it flat...when it was revield that was a Dfib in there hahahaha...nuts... first aid kit instead of bugging or scanning equipments or maybe some other cool gadget or wepons etc...a!

    nice ang action...the 1st part was intenst...but a little over nga naka sulti gyud ko "mura mana sila mga ungoy oi...lupig man si jackie chan" hehehe...

    fight scene were better than other bond films, id say this ones one of the best in that respect.

    a lot of parts where boring and unclear...full of holes (lacks the story telling bit) i love a good story but this just didnt deliver...
    1st part was intresting, as the movie progressed specially in the last part, it was lacking in so many ways.

    the villa hospital, beach, viena, etc. come much more boring can they get with a bond movie
    all that time i was hoping it was the end of the movie already...

    Oh and did i see a starwars location in this movie hahahaha!

    poker game was such a drag...

    he doesnt care if its shaken or stired...

    he is damn ugly specially that closeup scene in the bathroom after he got beat up and the gurl had to help him. hahaha!
    that fight scene in the hotel with the black guys was so point what so ever...just to add another fight scene into the movie...

    gurl tied down in the middle of the street...just so theres a car crash in the really...
    had james ran her over...then one knows the account number...tsk tsk...bad script id say...
    such a big risk for $150m dont ya think...

    SONYERICSSON was a big star in the movie was it?!

    id give this movie a 6.5 out of 10

    pierce was better filling in the role IMO. connery is still the best bond ever.

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    nindot bani na movie any feedbacks?

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    Yup according to it got 96%, so it must be good I thnk this is the best Bond rated film in their site and as M would put it, "...he's a blunt instrument", so he's a bit rough around the edges, can't wait to see this

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    Default Re: CASINO ROYALE 2006

    well i read reviews sa net and so far nindot kuno ang of the best bond film. i gotta check it out.

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