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Thread: The Kicker Club

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    Default The Kicker Club

    To All Kicker Users and Audio Enthusiast (Istorya Dot Net Members/forumers w/ any kicker sound accesories are welcome to join.)

    Official Club Web Site :
    Discussion/Forum :
    Company Website :

    - To promote camaraderie amongst car clubs and its members
    - To educate members and individuals on sound sensitivity
    - To establish a unified Kicker Family that promotes and instills the "Livin' loud lifestyle"

    - To impart and experience the Livin' loud lifestyle

    - To put Kicker at the front of the line as the future of EXTREME performance

    SLOGAN : KICKER - it's a Lifestyle!!!

    In behalf of Kicker Club Philippines and the Winterpine Group, we would like to invite you and join us in the Visayas region - Cebu Chapter. Please follow the website link and sign up, introduce yourself in the discussion/forum. Soon we will have a regional thread for it's members. More announcement to be posted soon.

    Recently, we at Kicker Club just couldn't get enough of LIVIN' it LOUD so we are OFFICIALLY launched the club last July 29, 2006 in Manila. It was by invitation only and very sucessful including the induction of the new officers and also introduced the 1st official members of the KICKER CLUB. We have also invited reputable personalities from the auto industry and the media to cover this prestigious event.

    Some pictures from the pre inauguration:

    Our Guest with Angel (Club President), Mr. Reese Gray and Mr. George Jenkins of Stillwater Designs, Kicker USA.
    [img width=500 height=332][/img]

    The speech...
    [img width=500 height=332][/img]

    Follow the link below to see more pictures:

    November 11, 2006 - Kicker Club Launch Party
    2-6pm Jay J's Ortigas Home Depot, Manila, Philippines.

    November 17, 2006 - Visayas Mobile Audio Enthusiasts
    8:30PM onwards AudioPro Parking area (Infront of U.S.P. Salinas Drive, Cebu City, Philippines)

    Celebrate with us as we have alot more surprises in store for you...we still have slots to fill so its never too late. If you're interested to join and experience the perks of livin' it loud with KICKER CLUB just PM or email me your name and contact details. Thanks :mrgreen:

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    @Rance: sent you a PM

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    Thank you.. we'll keep you updated... Please post you setup here

    We wanted to invite and meet up the rest of the Kickers user on November 17, 2006 during the VMAE grand EB.. to show off all your kicker speakers, amps and subs.. I will try to ask for goodies and giveaways to sponsor VMAE

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    my humble setup:

    isuzu hilander 2000
    alpine cda-9811
    infinity reference 655i coaxials
    orion cobalt-260
    dls ca-10
    kicker solobaric s15l7 on 6 cu. ft. ported box
    big3 using 4awg
    5 rolls of flashband for deadening

    i'm also interested in other people's car audio systems... post sad mo diri

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    Puwede apil og post set-up bisag walay kicker? Budget man gud.

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    @blade4638 - nice setup bro.. tan aw nya ta during the EB

    @b00rdz - Sure apil bai.. sign up on the web and exchange information with the other users so that you can decide which one is best for you and your budget... that's OK ako gani nag planning pa.. wala pa na human ako.. what I am using right now is a low end box.

    Btw, visit (click international) see Livin' Loud in the Philippines acknowledgement from Stillwater, USA.
    Congrats to :mrgreen:

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    Check out the audio visual presentation posted in youtube ..hope you will like it

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    meron na pala dito...hehehe nice one sir rance... goodluck to all kicker fanatics out there...
    rance:whats your username in kcp??

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    @bigbrocx - I send you a PM. Btw, are you now in Cebu join us this Friday (nov 17) we have a grand EB with the VMAE Club. Thanks

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    Default Re: The Kicker Club

    One of the highlight during the VMAE Club EB this Friday (Nov 17, 2006) is that the Kicker Club Phils will be going to have contest and giveaways of the following:

    KK T-Shirt White (Large) - limited only
    KK nameplate - limited only
    KK Keychain - limited
    10pcs. sticker 36x6
    10pcs. sticker 5x6

    Of course the Kicker Team of VMAE will be the priority.. all you have to do is show off your Livin' Loud lifestlye setup.

    And for those who are still planning to setup a kicker and audio enthusiast out there, you can still win the prices from Kicker all you have to do is sign up at the Kicker Club web site and introduce yourself to the club (go to the newbie section find the Cebu Chapter thread) and with at least active and a minimum of 5 post hehe this is until supply last.

    That's how easy you can win the Kicker giveaways this Friday. See you soon!

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