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    Default Saan kayo pabor sa "love or sa money" ...? and WHY?

    give your point of view sa dalawa....tingin mo saan ka sa dalawa? anu ung pinapaboran mo?

    some life can die..
    some life can ruin..

    and thats is because of "LOVE & MONEY"

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    money can buy love....

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    money can buy almost everything......... now a days

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    both.. i dont think mosurvive ang love without money..especially if u have a family already..

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    It works both ways. Nowadays, one cannot survive without the other.

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    love can make you live. coz if people around you loves you, they will not let you die. And you will be happy because you know a lot of people loves you. money can buy love but it's not real. you will not have real happiness.

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    both.... what is love without the capacity to provide? What is money without someone you can share?

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    it is interdependent, you need both.

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    you need both

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    Default Re: *** love vs money ***

    i want true love that will inspire me to work hard and earn lotsa money!!!

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