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    wa ta kahibaw basin naa na pero ge secreto ra sa Us og japan.

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    i think they are exist in our planet today.mostly in northern part of US and mexico.they appeared hundred times in a year...

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    naw... there's probably loads of primitive life forms in this vast universe of ours. intelligent life though, idk. maybe though for our sake, hopefully not as intelligent as us. just being cautious lol.

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    i think hapit na na mu abot.. where now in the stage of transfiguration. sa US naa nay naka invent ug anti-matter nga pwede magamit as fuel for time travel/space travel. But they're still looking and finding how to control this anti-matter.
    An ounce of anti-matter could destroy half of the world.

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    pero mas nindot jud ang worm hole kay , dli nata mag wait on travelling trillions of light years...

    naa cguro planet nga ang mga aliens pareha ra ug Iq ug dinosaur , pero mura clag giant crab ba ron ..

    depende sa flow sa ilahang evolution sa ilang planet ba .. interesting ayu ang imagination mo ba..

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    We are not alone in this universe.. Our 'friendly?' alien neighbors even sent us a signal(called WOW signal). They were also looking for other life forms in this universe.. Only fools would believe were alone.

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    I agree with you bro..

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    we are not alone bro. kay daghan kaau og possibilities for life to exist elsewhere.. sharo sa ka daghan sa stars sa universe kita rjud ang mga lifeforms. maybe one day mag ka contact ta sa mga aliens. unya mayta mga good aliens.. hehehe kay ana ni stephen hawking na bati daw kung makigcontact ta og aliens. kay basin mo take adavantage nto.

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    no... we're not... there are actually life beyond earth (i believe so)... we heard news in the past about life beyond the limit of the earth's surface (life from other planets or structures), it may just a prediction or a hearsay but it can be true, it's just no facts have been proven yet and still in process of clearing out what is truth from false...

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    Default do aliens exist?

    tnuod ba jd kaha na naay alien? hehe.

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