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    Default UNIX Systems Administrators (HP-UX, AIX, SOLARIS)

    I'm not sure if this is the right section this thread belongs.

    Anyway, anyone who's into UNIX Systems Administrations?
    I'm talking here of Enterprise level environments which deals with medium to large infrastructures, including Storage, Large scale Database, and other cutting edge technologies.

    I just want to know daghan2x ba sad ta diri sa Cebu.
    Although dili ko expert ani, these skills are highly sought after in Manila and abroad.
    In Manila, mostly mag-managed / support ka ug systems which is located abroad, the good thing is, dako2x jud ug sweldo, some have 6-digits gali.. Samot pa kung SysDBA.

    I think one of the reason wala pa mo-abot diri sa cebu kay dili pa kaayo daghan ug experts ana diri, and most of those experts either end up transferring to Manila or work abroad.

    Maybe if daghan2x ta diri with those kinds of skills, foreign companies might start to branch out and katong nag-trabaho na sa manila, mamalik na diri sa cebu. hehehe

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    Transferring to alternative systems forum.

    Hi Mod, please close thread.


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    i don't have any professional experience on solaris

    but i already setup DNS server on it in my lab envi

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