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Thread: Minecraft

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    Default Minecraft

    Recently started playing this game.

    YouTube - Minecraft Fanmade Trailer

    Making anything is possible. The only thing stopping you from making almost anything is your imagination....... and the blocks format.

    I bought this game for around Php600. Still in Alpha stage(50% off), but if you buy now all updates from the game will be free. And if anyone is interested in making our own PH server just PM me and we'll see what we can do.



    Minecraft Wiki:

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    this is creating a lot of buzz in the internet.

    have to try this one.
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    ^_^ addict. first base.


    Watch tower view

    My first base with lots of water traps around the house, left house has portal

    The portal

    Underground traps

    Mine entrance

    Mine Storage area

    Underground tree farm

    lovin it.
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    had to create my own version of a pirate ship...

    hope you like it. items invedit'ed.


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    Default Re: Minecraft

    very addicting gameplay.

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    Default Re: Minecraft

    Uy naa pud diay manuwa ug Minecraft diri. Sold my account recently kay it was eating up a lot of my time.

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    Default Re: Minecraft

    Great Modpack that adds mobs, villages, dungeons, new recipe's etc...

    [1.6_6] AMCO: Arrrg's MineCraft Overhaul (and mod shop) - Minecraft Forum - Page 24

    Copy paste ra ni sa minecraft folder and jar ninyo so dali ra.

    May unta naay mag host ug server diri. hehe.

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    Default Re: Minecraft

    Hahah nindotan kaayo ko aning minecraft. pero wa ko'y sapi, mantinil nalang ta ani ug offline. ):

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