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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    So, let's say you came from Boracay with your digital camera holding 1000+ pictures with 1500+ x 1000+ resolutions... You plan to post all of these pictures on the net (uploaded via FTP), but they need to be resized and the quality needs to be adjusted to minimize webspace and bandwidth usage.

    What program do you use to automatically resize and downgrade the quality of the 1000-something pics? It would take forever if you'd do it one by one in photoshop.

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    ACDSee can do this.

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    Default Discover The Hidden Streamlining Power of Photoshop Actions

    You can use Photoshop's Action feature. Record your action as you resize a photo and Save it for Web, then do a batch processing using the action set you just recorded on one folder containing all your images. See photoshop help for more info.

    Photoshop CS even has a Web Gallery feature so you can automatically display your pictures in a webpage. Turn on the Photoshop browser and look for this tool.

    ACDSee can also do batch resizing of image files but are not optimized for web. Similarly, ACDSee has a web gallery tool (if this feature is selected during installation).

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Adobe Photoshop CS2 is released! Visit download page for your fully functioning demo copy (approx. 350MB+)! You can enter a serial number if you want it licensed.

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    We use ACDSee to resize our photos, The program generally does a good job with its filesizes and its a breeze to use.

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    Irfanview's batch convertion/rename feature will make this kind of job simple.


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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    Eh, flashfreak. I've found irfanview to be exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the link and the reply. I have ACDSee, but I can't seem to find this feature. Old version maybe. ver 3.1.

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    Any programs would do.... just decrease the image dimension/size lesser than 780 pixels width or lesser than 500 pixels width..... that would be an advantage when a visitor will try to view your image if he/she is using a dial-up connection.... you know... you don't want visitors to wait just for viewing an image..........

    If you want to maintain image quality, do not increase the current image dimension/size...... that will make the image distorted or "pixelated"......

    And one thing.... don't embed all images in one webpage.... try applying image per page........

    or create a "smaller version"(thumbnails style) of the images like "80 pixels width"perhaps?

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 has this panoramic feature and other settings...

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    ^____^ glad to be of help... nifty software i say. "why kill a mosquito with a cannon?"

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    Default HELP: AUTO IMAGE Resizing and Quality Control

    lolz. if you prefer a cannon, Photoshop CS2 also has a new pre-installed script called Image Processor. Click File > Scripts > Image Processor. From there you can batch resize a folder containing all your pictures.

    But I believe nothing beats the optimization quality of Photoshop's "Save for Web" tool. You can save at jpeg quality level 32 or 24 with the least "noise" compared to other programs.

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