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    Default PC Gaming Case - Antec 1200 or Master Cooler Case

    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for a good PC Gaming case for my new XFX 750i Mobo.

    Preferably Antec or MasterCooler brand. If you have an Antec 1200 I am very much interested. Please post your prices here.

    Budget is around: 3 - 4.5K

    My contact number 09285044689


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    Apr 2009
    Cooler Master Elite 335 for 3.3k

    PM lang here or txt me. 09159295423

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    salamat kaayo bai.

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    Naa pay lain naay Master Cooler or Antec Casing dira? Another prefererence would be..

    - ang mounting sa PSU naa sa ubos..
    - at least two fans front & back
    - Maka igo ug XFX 750i nga Mobo with more space.
    - Orientation sa Storage drives kay pa side ang connectors

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    cooler master 690 tingali imong gipangita if naay available mr snake, should be around 5k sa pcx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der FüHRER View Post
    cooler master 690 tingali imong gipangita if naay available mr snake, should be around 5k sa pcx.
    Naay namaligya diri karon CM 690 sir ako pa gihangyo two gives.. hehehe.. Nindot bitaw iya 690 kay custom and 4 ka buok Fan vents. Super good kaau for OverClock!

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    yep, nice gyud na

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    Up for Today

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    Bump! for this afternoon. Please post your offers

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