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Thread: gaming case

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    Default gaming case

    guys unsay latest na nindot or best na gaming case. with nice airflow and cooling. and large space for hardware and ok siya para management sa wires.

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    This has been asked already a hundred times in this forum but the only answer I can come up is the NZXT Tempest

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    daghan na btaw nangutana bro..hehe pero basg naay mga new cases naabot ba. anyway gusto langko makahibaw sa mga new cases na mo fit sa atoang title.

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    cm 690 ok2x sad. ambot cm 690 ba to murag dili pero i think so mao to. try check coolermaster bro. mga around 4k man ata na price cguro ana

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    Try this bro..kung daghan ka money CoolerMaster HAF / Silverstone Raven 1 and 2/ CoolerMaster Storm Scout / Antec / Lian Li and the list goes on!

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    post your budget basi nya sige recommend sa case then budget nimo 1k ra d i .

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    silverstone TJ-07, Coolermaster Cosmos S, CM storm sniper.... kana mga nindot na...nindto pud price...

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    nindot and CM690 .... sleak and sexy dali pa nimu ma butang ang parts

    chekc out the space of this one
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    budget 3k to 4k antec 300, silverstone ps02b
    5k to 6k lancool, cm690,
    7k up tj07, gigabyte aurora, and others

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    ambot lng ha, wa japun ko kabalo wat makes a case a good gaming case. is it airflow? every case should have good airflow, watever is the purpose of the pc. is it design? should it look taunting sa any 3rd party mo-tan-aw sa imong rig? hehehe...

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