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    Default question about XDA II

    why is everybody disposing or selling their XDA II?

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    Default question about XDA II

    maybe the xda2 does not suite their wants and needs. for me i like the xda2 and the 9500, im tired of the Sony Ericson P Series.

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    Default question about XDA II

    well some people are selling their XDAII probably due to the following reasons:

    1. The new XDAIIs is out in the market
    2. Some want a change to the Nokia 9500
    3. Some get the XDAII and find out they can't maximize the phones features because it is a pocket pc and some people that do have XDAs got them because they wanted:
    a. the most expensive phone
    b. they like the way it looks (but cant use all its functions)
    c. they got a line and got the phone and are selling it to make money

    But the XDA II and IIs are really great if you know how to use ppc phones

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    Default question about XDA II

    nice explanation scalper! btw what is the diff betweent the 3 xda's? im planning to get one for myself, but if thedifference betwen the older xda is just a matter of arrangment of buttons, then the older and cheaper xda would be alright for me... cheaper, same functionality they all ahve the same software.. ppc2003right?

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    Default question about XDA II

    xda 2pc2003
    xda2s and the mini: ppc2003s.e.
    if im not mistaken, ang s.e. k maka landscape mode ra and gamay ra diff.
    2s has wi-fi..important upgrade..
    mini k gamay..hehe..but with 1mp or 1.3 mp na cam bato...

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