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    Default Linux User Group ( LUG ) - Cebu

    WHAT: All Linux Group Christmas party Gathering
    WHERE: Tentative Casa Verde Ramos

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________
    Web browser Base IRC Chat
    Click this link:freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)
    channel: cegnulug


    This group is composed who great men who have a vision to promote the use of Linux, GNU, and open source software in Cebu.

    This list serves as a point of exchange for technical information, ideas and other matters that relate to Linux, GNU or Open Source Software.

    May the source be with you!


    1. Establish at least 20 or more regular members
    2. Generate Vision and Mission
    3. T-shirt printing
    4. Stickers


    1. Introduce Linux to companies and give full free support for 2-3years..
    2. Promoting Linux as a subjects to any computer related course.
    3. Generate Linux Group/ Club to schools and Universities
    4. Promoting Linux as an alternative Operating System (OS) to internet cafe
    5. Generate Technical Team for Linux
    6. Generate Linux instructors for universities
    7. Generate Linux seminars and trainings.
    8. If we can generate a 50 solid active member then we proceed on registering our group to SEC
    9. Identification card
    10. Generate Linux Internet Cafe owned by the group
    11. We will be selling merchandise like Linux T-shirts, mugs, affordable computer powered by Linux.


    How to be come a member?
    once you join the gathering we considered you as a member

    Is there any membership fees?
    None, it's 100% free of charge.

    I can't join your meet ups due to my busy schedule.. Can I still be a member?
    we may just consider you as active guest.

    I am an active guest. Can I join the mailing list?
    Yes you can.

    Should I bring a laptop during the meetups?
    You may or you may not bring laptop during meetups.. It's an option.

    Can I bring friends along even though they are not interested to join the group?
    I say YES and NO..
    Yes... if we are gathering to a place with no limits of people to join the gathering
    No... if we are gathering to a place that only regular members can only join.

    I don't have any idea or knowledge anything about LINUX but I want to learn about it, can I still join the group?

    I have a laptop/desktop and I don't have any Linux software, can I get it from this group?
    Yes we can provide you a copy of of any Linux Distros.. just give us blank CD then we'll burn it for you.. or we can place the image file to your pen drive.

    What are the benefits of joining this group?
    Gain friends
    Gain knowledge more just about Operating systems and computers


    1. Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Manual - Ubuntu Manual - Home


    Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
    This is the flawed storytelling of how Apple and Microsoft came to be. While this movie got mixed reviews, many people have commented they loved it.
    Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) (TV)

    Revolution OS (2001)
    This documentary tells the story about the Linux operating system, and how it forwarded the philosophy of "open source" and free intellectual property. Not an action movie, but definitely interesting for people who want to learn more about why computer culture is the way it is.
    Revolution OS (2001)

    Antitrust (2001)
    This movie has some strong points about it. Two idealistic computer whiz kids graduate from Stanford, and one of them enters the world of private sector programming. Sure enough, these two programmers find themselves in the middle of cybercrime scandals.
    Antitrust (2001)

    Official Website:
    CE-GNU-LUG mailing list:

    Group Email Addresses
    Post message:
    List owner:

    New apps for our yahoo groups

    Meeting / Event Invites for the group, so that we can keep track of
    who will be joining (based on group membership)

    Some common Q&A stuff

    If someone wants to sell something

    If someone wants to giveaway something

    Job Postings

    Hopefully these can be pretty useful



    Article 1. Name

    Section 1. This organization shall be called, the Cebu
    GNU/Linux Users Group, hereinafter referred to as the
    CEGNULUG pronouced as "Sinulog".

    Article 2. Statement of Purpose

    Section 1. CEGNULUG is a free, public, non-profit and
    non-discriminatory group of GNU/Linux enthusiasts,
    devoted but are not limited to:

    1.1) Promote Open Source, UNIX-like operating systems
    and software through wide distribution and
    implementation in Cebu province and, in
    particular, the city of Cebu.

    1.2) Educating the public in general, the academe,
    government and industry in particular, about the
    latest and important developments in the evolution of
    open source operating systems and software.

    1.3) Providing an open, public forum for debate and
    discussion about issues which would develop a social
    setting in which Open Source-using Cebu enthusiasts
    can meet each other to share ideas, technical know-how
    and friendship.

    1.4) Contribute to the free software community at

    Article 3. Membership
    Section 1. The organization grants membership to
    anyone who asks for it. There shall be no membership
    fee. Upon completion of the CEGNULUG membership
    form and attendance of one formal meeting the person
    becomes an associate member of the organization and
    enjoy priviledges specified in the Bylaws.
    Section 2. Any organization member who meets the
    requirements specified in the Bylaws shall be inducted
    and deemed a regular member.

    Section 3. Only regular members may vote at
    organization meetings, hold office and shall be given
    the rights and priviledges as specified in the

    Article 4. Offices and Elections

    CEGNULUG shall elect officers once per year or as
    necessary. Only regular members are eligible to hold
    office and are allowed to vote in any and all

    Section 1. The term for officers elected shall be one
    year or otherwise stated in the Bylaws.

    Section 2. No person may hold two or more elected
    offices concurrently

    Section 3. The elected officers of CEGNULUG shall be
    the President, Vice-President for Internal Affairs,
    Vice-President for External Affairs,Secretary,
    Treasurer, Auditor. hey shall be elected as specified
    in the Bylaws.

    Section 4. The President shall be responsible for the
    overall operation of the organization and be its
    official representative to the community. He shall
    preside over meetings, appoint and oversee functions.

    Section 5. The Vice-President for Internal Affairs
    shall be responsible in the absence of the President,
    and shall handle the schedule for the organizations

    Section 6. The Vice-President for External Affairs
    shall be responsible for delegation of tasks to be
    carried out on behalf of the group. He shall be
    the representative to the community, in the absence of
    the President.

    Section 7. The Treasurer shall be directly accountable
    for the finances of the organization.

    Section 8. The Auditor shall handle and account for
    the properties of the organization.

    Section 9. The Secretary shall handle all
    organizational correspondence and be responsible for
    minutes at all CEGNULUG meetings.

    Article 5. Meetings
    CEGNULUG shall hold general meetings at least once a
    month. The meetings shall be open to the public -
    membership is not a requisite to attend.

    Article 6. Amendments to the Constitution
    This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote
    of the Membership at a General Meeting or a Special
    Meeting called for the purpose of voting to amend the


    Spoiler: CONTACTS 

    Jerald Veloso
    Product Research & Development Head
    m. 09223282135, 01962848108


    Mr. Aljoriz Dublin
    social science instructor
    University of the Visayas

    Randall Raboy
    Freelance software programmer


    Ian Ace Escoton
    University of the Philippines, Cebu
    m. 09222823007, 09164035365

    m. 09322117219

    m. 09228374926

    m. 09225397153

    m. 09083008080


    m. 09322232971


    m. 09289026296


    m. 09393280070

    m. 09204122059

    m. 09084620970, 09169423977

    >>Please do not rely on one contact please save all contacts to your cellphone kay maparehas na tung last gathering nga na low bat ko..

    >>if any suggestions you want to add feel free...

    >>let's share ideas not just on forum but also on actual!
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    I think you better post this is also to cegnulug mailing list

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    cool pwede sad unix? nhan ko maka kat.on

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    Quote Originally Posted by r0mm3L View Post
    nindot lage ni
    nice ni naa master romel haha maita ma dyn ni

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    master lage, hehe banga pa kay ta aning lenux oi

    pwdi coffee shop lang kita? para naay internet?

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    actually yes we can change venue.. pero everytime naa mi sa mcdonalds IT park man gud naa mn internet connection Globe ang provider.. nahan lang sad ko makat.on.. I know alot of people here want's to know more.. I my self want's to know more.. mas nindot ni nga action para ma popular ang pag gamit freeware OS.. what ya think??

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    nerds. just kidding
    this is a cool idea.

    (been working on thin client booting off the LAN via pxe/tftp.
    for two days now looking at how-to's, no luck.)

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    pwede makishare..wla koy laptop pero kahibaw ko linux....

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    wa pud ko laptop .. nindut ni na idea .. tsk tsk

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