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    Default Stress Testing: Post Your REAL Temperature Challenge

    This test is what separates the men from the boys . You think you can overclock? Is it stable? Then, prove it. I only trust 2 stress-testing programs; Linpack/Intel Burn Test and Prime95 (x86-64). Although, sometimes I use OCCT not as an accurate stress testing utility but because of its fancy graphs that shows the fluctuations of the temperature and voltages which is very useful if the source of the unstability is vdroop. The first two mentioned are the cream of the crop (IMHO) .

    I got this idea when I wanted to confirm how accurate RealTemp and CoreTemp is. I tested my system to see if the Tjunction Max is really at 85c for E4500 and during the course of my testing when the temperature reached -10c delta from Tjunction Max (75c), the clockspeed dropped and the system bluescreened then restarted. Processor does start throttling at 10c delta from Tjunction Max as they say.

    LinPack is the utility used by Intel to test their processors before they are put on sale. It asks your processor to turn around and bend over for some ass kicking to see if it survives. The guys at XtremeSystems, gave it a much user-friendly look and a much more accurate load test by giving it consistent work threads, the result is Intel Burn Test. A single pass lasts for 8 minutes while the recommended passes for stability-testing is at least 5. Grab the utility from their respective links:

    Intel Burn Test 32-bit
    Intel Burn Test 64-bit

    Prime95 on the other hand, is the world-famous stress testing utility which was originally made for calculating Mersenne Prime Numbers (there's a cash award if your computer finds one). Usually, the Small FFTs test shows the maximum temp for your computer and the least runtime is 6-hours, recommended is 10 hours for each torture test available in Prime95 and 30 hours since there are 3 available options. Grab your Prime95 from the links below:

    Prime95 32-bit

    Prime95 64-bit

    Now, for the guidelines:

    1. System doesn't have to be overclocked, if it is, post a CPU-Z screenshot or a validation. This is not a discussion for overclocking, only stress-testing and temps.
    2. You may test with any of the 2 utilities available, if you can run both, the better (at least 1 hour Small FFTs for Prime95 and 5 passes for Intel Burn Test)
    3. Only RealTemp and CoreTemp temperature readers are welcome.
    4. Post your system configuration in text (no pictures - we have a separate thread for that) this includes but not limited to: processor, motherboard, memory and cpu cooler.
    5. No text-only response, please. Always post screenshots.
    6. If you wish to share tips and go off-topic, please keep it to a minimum.

    Istorya.Net, the thread starter and the subsequent responders will not be held liable for dead mobos/cpus. You are doing this at your own risk. The manufacturer for your respective PC components may not cover warranty damages due to overclocking.
    Let the burning, errr, stress-testing begin!
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    I'll start. System Specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3R (rev. 1.1)
    2 x 2GB Team Xtreem Dark PC6400 DDR2-800 CAS4
    Xigmatek Dark Knight HDT-S1283
    Windows 7 RC1 64-bit (7100)

    Prime95 64-bit Small FFTs Test (5 hours, err almost):

    Intel Burn Test Utility 64-bit:

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    poldo - nice, have the same procie for a 24/7 rig.

    here's mine...

    proc - Intel Xeon 3110
    mobo - Biostar I45
    RAM - Crucial Tracer Ballistix
    cooling - h2o
    GPU - Palit 4870
    psu - giga 850W

    ....can't find the ITB screnshot @ 4.3ghz, so kini lang @ 4ghz. I had speedstep enabled so cpuz shows multi's and clocks down. Coretemp shot shows that it ran 4ghz

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    way nabuhat 1 week way net karun pa balik, mao na lang ako nabuhat...

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 E0 @3.6GHz (as usual EIST enabled gihapon)
    Asus P5Q Deluxe
    2 x 1GB Team Xtreem 1066, 1 x 1GB Crucial Ballistix 1066
    TRUEx120 + DK + thicker AS5 (no AC)
    Vista 32

    Prime95 Blend Test 1 hour lang

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    Intel Burn Test 5 runs maximum stress

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    [QUOTE=weezur;4533286]Intel Burn Test 5 runs maximum stress

    weezur - nice clock, vcore, and temps overall - very level headed OC ni cya, but i'm sure performance is up there for a quad.

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    lingawa sa mga boys diri oi, pasingita sad ko polds ...board from weezur

    Abit Ip35
    Intel E5200
    Team Elite 800 MHZ
    Palit GT 9500
    HR01 + 120mm Thunderblade

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    [quote=glide 1;4533503]
    Quote Originally Posted by weezur View Post
    Intel Burn Test 5 runs maximum stress

    weezur - nice clock, vcore, and temps overall - very level headed OC ni cya, but i'm sure performance is up there for a quad.
    thanks sir, unya nasad mag gun for lower vcore or 4GHz (just for the heck of it lang heheh) kung wa nasad lain mabuhat.

    @centax error
    mingaw sad ko sa akong blues dah. post sad nyo mga uber i7s nyo mga sirs

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    @centax error: lamia kaayo'g mileage sa imong E5200 uy, 4GHz man jud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glide 1 View Post

    post sad nyo mga uber i7s nyo mga sirs

    here's the i7 prime - HT "on"

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