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    Default Did you ever wish you were an only child?

    I have a friend (my officemate) and she's the only daughter. Pina niya pa dili daw cya ganahan kay all the problems of her parents cya ang mag atobang. Wala daw cya kabahin sa mga problem inside the family, iya pud tanang lihuk, and most of all financial problem. but my other friend (my neighbor) told me that she wants to be alone, rather than having her free time taking care of her sibling... instead daw na makalaag sya with friends napriso siya sa balay...

    how about ikaw ako I'm happy with my siblings we're actually three... ako ang only girl and I'm the at the middle so pinangga ko nila...

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    I'm happy with what I have.. I have no complaints that aq ang support/"breadwinner". Even if dili kaau q kaBuy og something for myself but makita mn pud naq nga maau ang gipadulngan sa aqng gihagoan.. and it's so worthied.

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    I'm an only child... and I did wish I have a brother or a sister beside while growing up...
    I was the focus of all the attention - which was more of a bad thing than a good one

    Now, I'm planning to have multiple kids (at least 3) so that they won't go through
    what I had when I was young hehe

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    nope, mas daghan mas lingaw

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    nope, nindot nang daghan para bibo.. ^^

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    bibooooooooooooo. hehehe

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    im was an only child of my parents...pero d nmn ako spoiled bratt tamang khulit lng....but i found out something that mekes me happy...i have brothers and sisters....gusto ko kaya mgkaroon ng kapatid pero d ko p cla nakikita until now...complicated kz masyado ang situation nmin ng family ko....but i hope so makita ko din cla....

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    i agree to the majority!

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    gusto ko kanang daghan mi aron daghan mi mag tinabangay, wa puy laay ba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blair View Post
    gusto ko kanang daghan mi aron daghan mi mag tinabangay, wa puy laay ba.
    haha mao jud doh, nindot jud kau basta daghan mo mag suon. labi na 8 kabuok. hehe lingaw kau na. labi na mo dagko na ba. .kanang naa nai mga anak . . nya mag tibo daun tanan family hehehe

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