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    Default The DA VINCI CODE Film Discussion: The Book vs. The Film

    Share ur thoughts on whether this movie shuold be or shouldn't be shown here.

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    nganong dili man ma shown here? dili man kaha ni X-rated

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    bitaw nganong dili man ipasalida??

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    I am infallible. I speak ex cathedra. Therefore believe me when I say it will be shown here.

    I cannot be mistaken. I am infallible.


    Look that word up in your dictionary. I never make mistakes.

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    yup, albeit without controversy and opposition for the cbcp (is that right? catholic bishops conference of the phils.?)

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    those guys the CBCP claim to be infallible too...

    anyone can claim to be infallible. I am infallible. You are infallible, I presume... anyone can make ANY claims as long as they are believable and well-presented!

    Dan Brown claims that Jesus was a homosexual.

    Well, I can claim that Brown is gay and we are descendants of homo sapiens who lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... and in the premise of me being infallible. Everyone believes me, now right?

    I make no mistakes!

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    hahaha that was nice mr.biddle

    Dan Brown claims that Jesus was homosexual?? I dont think so

    anyway i'm looking forward to this one, so that i can criticize it..

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    Dan Brown claims that Jesus was a homosexual.
    hmm.. something tells me you have no idea what the novel's all about.

    The novel's always going to be better than the movie. The views of a particular scene in a novel is highly subjective- meaning what I see and imagine in that particular scene will always be different from what the other 100 million readers see.

    What we are about to witness is the director's view of the novel (hopefully with the guidance of Dan Brown himself, but still Brown's views may not be what we have expected). To avoid reader disappointment, I think they'd have to do surveys and after seeing what people expect, they would have to dwell on the middle.

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    yep, its always better to read the adaptations will never do 100% justice to the novel its based on...

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    Default DA VINCI CODE

    I hope itll be shown.. And if dili, Ill surely buy the DVD.

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