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    Default Where can I find the Fight Club novel?

    fight club...where... suway nako sa mga bookstores. la man.
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    suwayi sa national

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    mga chuck palahniuk nga books. hehe.

    gamay nalang kaayo.

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    Daghan oi! I saw Rant, Diary, Snuff pud. National Book gani to.
    If you wont found these there, go to Fully Booked Ayala.
    "JUST A WOMAN? Oh honey no!

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    anyone saw the film adaptation of choke? when is it hitting our shores?

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    I have it!

    hehe. sorry, cant help but tease. wahehe.
    di bitaw pd ni akoa.
    Traded w/ my brand new copy of John Banville's Shroud.

    i think the owner got this from NBS.
    it's a total mindf*ck of a book.

    Read it!

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    giro! hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by grovestreet View Post
    giro! hehe
    hahaha. wa ray lingaw, bro. pero bitaw, if i see one, ingnan tka.

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    wala koi nakit-an nga fight club sa mga stores, uban book ra ni chuck. pero naa koy nakit-an fight club nga libro sa ako migo. ako gikawat

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