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    Default macbook pro

    pros and cons of buying a macbook / macbook pro?? ga plano pako. so i need some advice.. hehehe.. thanks

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    haha.. dont go for pro..

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    mhal au....ad2 lang windows

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    it just works! ... or not(Mac OS X and iPod Troubleshooting, Support, and Help - MacFixIt)

    pricey for the price conscious.

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    buy a mac. it just works and no viruses as advertise. you can use parallel desktop to install windows on it too. you are sure that you are not buying a cheapoo gadget... go for macbook pro. wait for the refresh nalang. maybe mga October naa new refresh. the macbook and pro are due for a refresh.

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    if you're going for quality, yes. budget conscious, not so.

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    it really depends on what you are planning to use it for. if you want more bang for the buck, go for other brands like asus, hp, compaq, lenovo, dell,... etc. you can get better specs for a lower price. for the price of a macbook pro you can get 2 mid to high end laptop pc

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    go for mac!!!!

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