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    Talking the "BUYING A NEW PC", "UPGRADING MY PC", and "BUYING A NEW LAPTOP" thread


    i've noticed that there is a new breed of istoryan here in the forums.

    Class: Mr. I-need-a-new-PC
    Common Rank: newbie
    Typical Dialogue:
    hi! <fellow istoryans, you geeks here in the computer hardware forums, yeah, you geeks!nya nya nya, geeks!>, i'm a beginner here <but you are still geeks, nya nya nya>, and i need a new PC <laptop, or an upgrade>. could you please post the specs that i need <cause i'm too LAZY to look for similar threads as this>?

    [P.S.] i'm not going to post my budget so you can throw in the best hardware <painstakingly> you can find, then, after that, i'm going to tell you that that was too rude of you cause i can't afford the price
    Frequency of Appearance: *Frequently nowadays

    so, to help out (though i'm not sure how much of a help this would do)

    STEPS: (now, i'm doing this as SIMPLE as i can and THESE ARE PLAINLY SUGGESTIONS, i'm not imposing any rules, as i have no grace to do so...)

    1. Know what you want. Plan things before doing them.
    2. If you want prices, go call your local stores (There is a separate thread for this list). If you find prices confusing, proceed to STEP 4. (99.99% of the time, you'd be done here)
    3. Go search for similar threads in the FORUM. There's a function that's called a SEARCH function. It is used to SEARCH. (99.99% of the time, you wouldn't need to do STEP 4)
    4. If you can't find similar threads, or still aren't satisfied, then please post a thread, asking kindly for help. please be kind enought to include these in your request: [A]BUDGET [b]CURRENT SETUP [C]WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING [D]"Pretty Please.." (Okay, I was way overboard with [D], hmm, nah) (*i'd be suggesting the format near the end of the thread)

    see? that was so SIMPLE. this section is where we discuss the lowest of the low hardware to the latest in cutting edge technology. although, occassionaly, there would be topics on where to buy these, how much these would cost, it would be better, if we do it in an organized matter.

    Need a New PC

    2 x Core i7 Extreme "Octo" - Hyperthreaded - 16 Threads - 7.0GHz
    Intel Skulltrail 2.0
    18 x 8 GB DDR3
    4 x 6.5TB SSD Enterprise
    Blu Ray ReWriter
    Blu Ray Reader
    4 x ATi HD 5870X4 via QuadFire on Lucid 100
    4000W PSU

    Php 2520.16

    WHAT I DO:
    Write all sorts of things in Notepad, Listen to the coolest midis and wavs, but i play Minesweeper heavily on occassion.

    I need to have more firepower for Solitaire 5D. PLEASE help me with this problem.
    [PS]i'm not sure if i'm in the right forum. please enlighten me, and oh, i'd be accepting criticisms with or against my thread.

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    hahaha.. nice one bro... kabantay sad bitaw ko,... murag waka ka antos bro dah.. mas maayu na imo suggestion...

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    ok pod ni nga suggestion dah

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    maypa i-lump up into one thread tanan requests for specs.

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    gud one bro.

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    I'm going to stick and lock this.

    Someone do a Bisaya/Tagalog translation.

    People should direct people to this topic if they are asking the kinds of questions that this topic covers.

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