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  1. For Sale: For Sale: Samsung Galaxy S4, 1 week old

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S4, good as new, open-line complete with box, bought in Hongkong
    1 week old, with original Samsung screen protector

    P30,000.00 (slightly negotiable)

    Free: Black...
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    For Sale: Re: Targa Subwoofer Speakers

    do you have powered subs, coz i just bought a fender passport 300 sa yamaha nya kuwangan ra ko ug bass. when i asked the agent there he advised me to buy a powered sub. if you have, ask ta ko sa...
  3. Re: kanus-a kaha magka-Lord Stow's egg tarts diri sa Cebu?

    asa dapit sa glorietta bro? thanks
  4. For Sale: Re: Waterproof Bag for Mobile Phones, Cameras, mp3/mp4 players

    oops! sorry, the size is posted na diay.. :) if you buy more than 1 naa discount? tnx
  5. For Sale: Re: Waterproof Bag for Mobile Phones, Cameras, mp3/mp4 players

    may i know the actual size, mu-igo ang passport ani? tnx
  6. Re: kanus-a kaha magka-Lord Stow's egg tarts diri sa Cebu?

    maayo unta mu-abot ra gihapon ni diri sa ato bro kay aron di na ta muadto greenhills o market2 para lang kapalit. makahurot gud ko'g box of 6 ani in one sitting. :)
  7. Re: Galaxy Note vs Iphone 4s vs Ipad 2 asa man mo?:)

    ako man gud when i buy something, i take everything into consideration- the brand, the quality and yes, the resale value... its just like buying a car, you use it for a few years then you dispose it...
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    Re: Best earphones you've tried

    [QUOTE=EarlZ;12181551]S4-Image? Wala locally but daghan sa tipidpc/cp

    mao ba? i hope you did not confuse the in-ear s4 with the over the ear klipsch image one coz these are two different cans......
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    Re: Best earphones you've tried

    i have both the senn and the bose on ear headphones, okay kaayo ning duha pero medyo mahal sad... pero para nako the best value for money nga headphone is the klipsch image one on ear headphones. mas...
  10. Re: Galaxy Note vs Iphone 4s vs Ipad 2 asa man mo?:)

    apple user here... i just had a talk earlier with an authority re gadgets and asked him about the g note and iphone... he says that hands down the note wins... so di na ko makiglalis ana. :) the only...
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    Re: Best Break-up Song

    ako i'd choose "there's no easy way" by recent cebu visitor, james ingram.
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    Re: Corner Bakery in Mabolo

    i always pass by this bakery during school days kay naa man sa abba's orchard skwela ako usa ka anak, lami diay diha? unsa ila most saleable nga products para kasulay sad ta. :)
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    Re: Asa na ang Lumpia House krn?

    yup, there's one just across the old paseo mall. pero di ba naa man sad didto sa atbang sa cebu doc hospital, wa lang ko kabalo kung pa to didto.
  14. Re: Kinsay maayo ug angay ma president sa pilipinas sunod???

    i think gibo is the best president we never had. :) but since he is not inclined to try again... i guess, my vote would likely go with mr. 'balat obama' jojo binay.
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    Poll: Closed: re: All about Team RAMA - BOPK Topic

    for mike rama here... though former mayor osmena and his minions at the city council is making his life mesirable, mike rama still found ways to improve the living conditions of his constituents......
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    Re: alimango o pasayan?

    alimango ko kay ang pasayan makakaon ra ka anytime, while ang alimango, mahal na pangitaon pa gyud kaayo.
  17. kanus-a kaha magka-Lord Stow's egg tarts diri sa Cebu?

    a few years ago, you have to go to macau to taste it since its one of the must-eats there... pero, naa na ni sila sa manila karon... i hope cebu will follow suit.
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    Re: nganong wala may 7-eleven diri sa cebu?

    mao sad nay tubag nako when i asked lord's stow egg tarts ngano wala silay branch diri cebu... hopefully mag-open ning duha diri para di na ta adto manila para kakaon ug lord's stow egg tarts and...
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    Poll: Re: Coke or Pepsi?

    as the tagalogs would say it, pinag-iisipan pa ba yan, coke siempre!!!
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    Re: Halang na pagkaon

    kinilaw nga daghan sili... and of course, anything thai.
  21. Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Angel Cotto May 5,2012

    thanks for posting bob costas' one on one with floyd... after watching said interview, its clear as day that floyd doesnt want to face pacquaio in the ring.. :(
  22. Re: Apple Ipad 3 is lunching march 7 in US!

    maayo unta ila na gi-improve ang camera ani nga ipad. :)
  23. Re: RYAN'S FRATELLI PIZZA near Sacred Heart Girls

    wa ko kabalo ani da... naa man ta sa hijas skwela ako anak. :(
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    Re: Mr. Liempo vs. Balamban Liempo

    balamban liempo para nako. there's nothing special sa taste sa mr liempo.
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    Re: McDonald's or Jollibee and Why?

    macdo for me! i just love the distinctive smell of mcdos burgers. :) tam-isan ra ko sa jollibee.
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    Re: asa ang pinkalami na lechon dri sa cebu?

    ako sad, i think rico's spicy lechon is the best... ang bati lang sa mga lechon diri cebu ron kay halos wa na kay makaon nga karne kay grabe makalaplap mga manlitsonay. :(
  27. Re: If you'll be a Sports Superstar, who do you want to be and why?

    ako, i would want to trade places with tom brady... coz after a game, you go home and bang your supermodel wife gisele bundchen. :) that, i think is the best of both worlds! hehe
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    Re: Flash donaire jr.

    just in, donaire will be fighting former super fly champion cristian mijares instead of arce in july... this is the same mijares who defeated jorge easily but got ko'd by nonito victim vic darchinyan.
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    Poll: Re: Mitsubishi Montero v.s Toyota Fortuner

    before my montero, i used to own an adventure man sad... ganahan ko ato kay masud napulo ato. :)
  30. Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Angel Cotto May 5,2012

    what's boggling is he keeps mentioning pac's name to hype his fights... remember the "pacman, youre next" line he did during the ortiz fight. i thought he is the cash cow of boxing? :)
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