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Calamity Survival Gadgets and Inventions

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    Default Calamity Survival Gadgets and Inventions

    Now its BER months and most calamities happen during this time of the year. So with the latest trends and invention, at least we can be aware about what are some possible cool gadgets can be available in our market today that may
    one day be unaccountably useful.

    here's some of the gadgets i found.
    Hand Crank & Solar Radio with USB Phone Charger! - Keep your phone charged during an emergency!

    hand-crank radio/flashlight/phone charger like this one, and it's surprisingly good. It sure beats going out to the car to charge your phone. It might not charge it very fast, but its sure better than having the phone's battery drain slowly.

    Plus, radios are ideal to have in emergency situations. Not only can you hear news and weather warnings, but listening to the radio is something to do... It helps pass the time and can help you feel less alone. With this one you won't have to spend any money on batteries!

    Pocket-sized smartphone charger with super-efficient solar panel.

    Charges most smartphones and tablets via USB, solar, or AC--never be without smartphone power again. view larger

    Provides hours of bright LED light; choose from 5 different light modes, including SOS beacon.

    A great way to power mobile devices in emergencies, when traveling, or on a camping trip.

    Propane Stove for Cooking Food During an Emergency!

    During a power outage, you can't microwave food or use your stove... And if there's a hurricane outside, you probably don't want to go out there to barbecue! Set this up on your dining room table along with a lantern, and you can boil food for hot cocoa, heat up canned soups and other food.

    You Can Always Start a Fire with this - Still works even if it gets wet! Now, you can't say that about matches!

    Start a fire in any weather condition at anytime. As long as you have a little tinder, this Swedish Firesteel can light a fire easily with its 3,000-degree C spark! Important survival tool. A fire can keep you warm, cook food, and help you to be found!

    Disaster-Relief Inventions

    Concrete Canvas (Rapid Concrete Infrastructure)

    Just add air and water. That's the theory behind Concrete Canvas Ltd's Concrete Canvas Shelters, inflatable dwellings made from concrete canvas, a cement–hybrid fabric that's both waterproof and fireproof. These permanent structures (each one has a design life of 10-plus years) ship in airtight sacks and can be easily constructed in less than an hour. The canvas comes attached to a polyethylene frame, which can be inflated into a shelter using an electric fan. After securing the shelter with ground anchors, douse it with water and let it set for approximately 48 hours, at which point it's ready to use. Concrete Canvas Shelters come in two sizes: 269 square feet, requiring 1000 liters of H20, and 538 square feet, requiring 2000 liters of H20.


    Pure drinking water is a precious resource after a disaster. And while there are numerous filters on the market, the ease and simplicity of Chinese engineer Chao Gao's C-Water prototype, which took second place in Designboom's 2010 Incheon International Design Awards, makes it great for an emergency. Placed on the ground or in water, Gao's lightweight collapsible device accumulates water vapor inside its filter. The sun then heats the vapor—which eventually condenses on the roof of C-Water—and purifies it. Two days later—after exposure to the sun has killed nearly all the microbes—the H20 is safe to consume.

    Use this Filter Bottle to Make Safe Drinking Water - The Coolest Gadget of them all!

    LIFESAVER Systems 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle

    Sufficient water storage is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in emergency preparedness. It takes a lot of space to store bottled water. If you live in a place that's not a desert, you can use this bottle to filter rain water, pond water, etc to make it safe to drink. Before seeing this lifesaver bottle, my plan was to just add chlorine to water to make it safe to drink.... which will work, but who wants to drink water that tastes like bleach? Not to mention that it can't be particularly good for you. So this looks like the solution. It was developed after Hurricane Katrina. Most natural disasters cause clean drinking water shortages. This is a must have for a

    Battery Powered LED Lantern - Ideal for Long Power Outages, and for Outdoor Survival

    Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern SE3DLN

    I thought candles and flashlights would be good enough for a power outage.... During a recent power outage, I found out that I was wrong! You have to light A LOT of candles to get enough light to read by, and then there's always the worry of them tipping over and catching the place on fire. And as for flashlights, they work well, but they go through batteries pretty fast and they're hard to prop up just right.

    This lantern provides bright light for 40-90 hours on only 3 D batteries. Furthermore, it has a LED light that flashes when not on, so if the power goes out you can locate it. It has high/low/strobe settings and handles and a hook. It gets great reviews and is one of the best LED lanterns you can buy for an emergency.

    Survival Food

    Dehydrated Survival Food from Wise Food Storage

    • Minimum Storage Area

      • Typical Survival Food can take up an incredible amount of space. Space that most families simply don't have. You can store enough Dehydrated Survival Foods with a 20-25 year Shelf Life to feed a family of 6 for a year in the same amount of space as a normal washer and dryer. Wise Foods,for example, offers unique packaging to their Survival Food, and adds incredible value to the product by making it easier to store and eat. Mylar packaging further prolongs the shelf life of each individual meal. Instead of using #10 cans, which when opened, force you to eat enormous amounts of that particular food all at once to prevent rapid spoilage, Wise Foods packages each meal in its own separate Mylar pouch, thus eliminating waste. A Mylar pouch is basically a flexible tin can that gives you the ability to eat what you want, when you want.

    • Freeze Dried AND Dehydrated

      • Dehydrated and freeze-dried food maintains its original flavor, shape, color and texture, and retains its nutritional value. With nearly all (98%) of the water removed, the food is condensed in volume and weight. With the addition of water, the food is quickly and completely reconstituted.


      • Wise Foods Survival Meals, in particular are simple to prepare by adding water directly into the pouch and waiting 10-12 minutes. On average, each individual Survival Food serving requires 1 cup of water. Using hot water will speed up the process of reconstitution and the meal will be hot and ready to eat as soon as reconstitution is complete. However, many of the meals can be re-hydrated and eaten even if the water is cold.

    Disaster Relief Toilet

    Industrial designer Rahim Bhimani created the Disaster Relief Toilet after witnessing the horrors of people having nowhere to dispose of their personal waste during the 2010 Chilean earthquake. His easy-to-assemble "comfort station" consists of an 18-inch-high flat-pack toilet, an encompassing tent for privacy, and a waste-disposal system that includes an easy-to-remove cart and a biodegradable drawsting bag. A person can piece together the plastic toilet with a coin or a butter knife, and it's ready for use.

    and some bonus here ..

    Filipinos to get free SMS disaster alerts courtesy of Telcos.

    July 5, 2014 By Chris Noel Hidalgo Leave a Comment

    As the Texting Capital of the World, it was only a matter of time before text messaging in the calamity-prone Philippines became a tool for disaster relief.
    Filipinos can now expect to receive disaster alerts through their phones with the signing of Republic Act 10639 known as the “Free Mobile Disaster Alerts Act.” Signed by President Aquino last June 20, the new act requires the country’s telecommunication companies to send their subscribers free alerts and updates regarding calamities such as storms, typhoons, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.
    The alerts may either be through SMS, MMS, or e-mail, and shall be sent out at the discretion of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) and other concerned agencies.
    Included in these alerts should be up-to-date information regarding the disaster, contact information of government units responding to the situation, hazard areas, relief sites, and evacuation centers.
    For more information regarding the Free Mobile Disaster Alerts Act, click here.

    Hope you enjoy the list if you have something to add and if you know where you can buy it then just post it here.
    It may not be significant at time's but we all knew how delayed the government during the past calamities we had, it may one day save lives.

    Top 10 Cool Survival Gadgets that You'll Actually Use
    9 Disaster-Relief Inventions - Popular Mechanics
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    am i the only one who thinks this is a handy post? thanks for sharing!

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    nice unta tog naa ni available diri local. after sa yolanda daghan kaau solar lamp ni gawas na china

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    Nice info bro...
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    or you can get a Samsung e1200t. it's battery life lasts at least a week with heavy use. there are plenty of flashlights with good runtime. I have a led lenser p5 and p7 and both have a runtime of 5 hours on alkaline and 7 hours on lithium batteries. got few cr123a type flashlights that has at least 9 hours of runtime on medium mode, over 16 hours on low mode.

    want to know how to maximize the use of a led lenser flashlight? remove the head of the flashlight and hang it. you will have 180 degrees of light for hours!
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    Cool. Asa ta ka avail ani bai? Like kato hand crank ug water filtet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumadz View Post
    Cool. Asa ta ka avail ani bai? Like kato hand crank ug water filtet?
    naa man na cdr king bro

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    If I may humbly add, based on the earthquake experience we have had here in Cebu, cell sites go down within 8 hours or less. Here in Lapu-lapu City, the cell sites went down after 7 hours and 43 minutes (Sun network). With that in mind, a VHF / UHF radio would be your best communication tool. You can scan and tune in to local radio groups for updated news provided you know how to use your equipment. You can also communicate with other people around you easily as compared to just your cellphone.

    Here is my humble additions to the list above:

    1. waterproof bag/container to store all the emergency stuff you have (must be portable enough)
    2. handheld UHF/VHF radio (best if licensed ka to operate the radio with NTC) (the China made radio I have has been personally tested on regular use for 4 straight days before actually needing a recharge.
    3. a gun/machete/long knife/cross bow for protection (with ammo and proper license of course)
    4. medicine and first aid kit customized to your family's needs.
    5. small portable panel that can charge most of your battery operated stuff especially your radios
    6. the know how to use what you have

    I did not put in the essentials which have already been posted above. I also love flashlights and totally agree with Ghostie on the led lenser p5. It is worth every single centavo in the sense that it uses one AA battery and gives decent 105-110 lumens on high. I also simplify the food part by putting in lots of chocolate bars because they are light and packs the sugar you need for energy.

    and lastly, Emergency Plans of Action for the entire family is essential where you plan where to rendezvous in cases of emergency.

    To all Istoryans, feel free to PM me if you feel that I can help you in any way regarding these stuff. I am not an expert but I do my best to be updated always
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    Quote Originally Posted by freez3 View Post
    naa man na cdr king bro
    Tnx bai. Ako suwayan tan-aw ddto. Naa ko gi subscribe sa fancy nga apps daghan naman diay gamit sa states for prepping. Asa pa kaha ta kapalit ug mga equipment for in ani na purpose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostie2472 View Post
    or you can get a Samsung e1200t. it's battery life lasts at least a week with heavy use. there are plenty of flashlights with good runtime. I have a led lenser p5 and p7 and both have a runtime of 5 hours on alkaline and 7 hours on lithium batteries. got few cr123a type flashlights that has at least 9 hours of runtime on medium mode, over 16 hours on low mode.

    want to know how to maximize the use of a led lenser flashlight? remove the head of the flashlight and hang it. you will have 180 degrees of light for hours!

    lu0y lng kaay0 ang im0ha LED bai...hehehe..m0-init gyud na ug ay0.

    per0 indeed...c0st-effective.

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