pede mo mo.react what do you think? kaha ning mga bakakon aning kantaha?

(Roll, roll the credits)
Boy in the beginning
The beginning it was me and you
I was Bonnie you were Clyde
And we were running
We were running for the minute we knew
(Roll, roll the credits)
But then in the middle
In the middle you went and changed the script
Took a pencil and erased my happy ending
Instead of loving you I feel so sick
(Roll, roll the credits)
I know you directed it
I'm sure I produced a bit
So why's that chick stealing my show?

Baby tell me, who is she?
I need to know her name and number
Tell me, who does she hang out with when you're not together?
I ain't gonna do nothing crazy
I just need you to hear me
(Roll, roll the credits)
Roll the credits
And tell me how many of your friends you told all about it
They said your working last Friday night when I was calling
Did you lie to all of them too?
Or was I just a fool?

(Roll, roll the credits)
Roll the credits
Yeah yeah

You worked undercover
Gave her every single line I owned
And it doesn't make me feel any better
That you took her places we would go
(Roll, roll the credits)
I thought you were meant for me
My name should be on that screen
Tell me, why's that chick playing my role?