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What if you cant let go of the person you love???

This discussion is about "What if you cant let go of the person you love???" in the "Relationships (Old)" forums.
try to open ur heart. by then,you'll find the reasons to move-on....

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    try to open ur heart. by then,you'll find the reasons to move-on.

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    P2 murag fixed naman ang mind on the other guy, P1 can still try to make the relationship work at least makita ni P2 that he really tried and really loves her despite her confession. dah! asa naman na kind of guy kana P1 uy? would love to have that kind of guy...ka nindot naa magpangga nimo ana ba...

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    So why "let go" man jud? Lumayon nalang nah para dli mo lakaw...

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    preparing for their one year come back... lolz....
    still happy and loving each other....

    P1 still have issues about trust and sometimes always bring back the past that makes him so sad...
    P2 is focusing on work and the relationship, and promised p1 that things will be dfrnt and will never have to worry of breakin' up coz it wont happen...

    p1 is battling with insecurities and trust... keep on thinking that P2 will someday break his heart again...

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    hehehe..nalingaw kos gi use nga term dah.."P" jud sah?hehe nweiz, be patient..yah it hurts..BIG TYM! but u must fyt for js wonderin' fall-out ov love lang c P2? Dko tuo..nadala r sya emotions niya sa lain..go get her! fyt fyt fyt!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by winged_lion2l View Post
    -- June 08, 2009 --

    P1 and P2 never losses their communication... they kept texting and exchanging emails... they became friends... P1 then found a new love and share the kilig moments with P2... but they never thought that would change a lot... they became more closer when they are far from each other, P2 still do the chores of segregating the laundries for P1 and always remind P1 to drink his vitamins....

    when P2 knew na naa na lain si P1 nahurt siya maayo and express the pain through email... and while exchanging emails and txt messages, they decided to meet.... p1 prepared a very expensive bouquet of assorted flowers for p2 and after they met no explanations and they hug and realizes that they still want each other....

    so right now, they are together again... more complicated when it comes to trust in the part of p1 because of the past... P1 right now is confused and still in doubt but one thing for sure, he is believing p2 for he want p2 back so badly....

    they are both in the process of breaking up with their present lovers....

    would you be happy of should you say stop and let go still...

    If P1 and P2 can solve the trust issues then it will be okay... but I guess these P's need a break... they're making things complicated if they'll force to continue without being healed. The past will always haunt them.

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    e let go lng na cya,, f love gd ka ana na taw, mo balik ra gd na cya nmo in due time. maybe na confused lng sad na cya coz na attached na cya sa other party...

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    nyahaha... let go and let her do her dirty work? after ka niya gipasakitan, imo pa ghapon cya pabalikon sa imo lyf? murag dli logical.. in d 1st place, f love jud ka sa tao wla jud nay reason y mubiya cya.. try to think of it... then ull realize shes not worth it. f nahan cya mu.bya jud.. let her and don't let her get in ur heart again.. uve been fooled once... dont let her fool u again.

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    wow... bilib ko sa ani na istorya da.
    Naa jud mga updates hehe....

    wala choice si P1, if he really loves P2 then he will take that risk (the possibility of p2 breaking his heart).
    He is over-thinking it. He should focus more on what he can do to lessen that risk rather done whining about the risks...

    they have been through a lot for the past year, yet there they are, still having feelings for each other.
    That has to mean something....

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    mo tou man ka ana niya P1... biyae na oi.. nag.lang2x lang na si P2... naa pa sila P3 ug P4 ug P5 pa jud.. cyaro dili ka ma buhong ato nila.. kadaghan pa ana nilang P....

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