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Torn between two bestfriends?

This discussion is about "Torn between two bestfriends?" in the "Relationships (Old)" forums.
here is my situation: im a guy where i really like Gurl A , where Gurl A likes me too, but her bestfriend Gurl B ...

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    Default Torn between two bestfriends?

    here is my situation:

    im a guy where i really like Gurl A, where Gurl A likes me too, but her bestfriend Gurl B likes me more...

    we went to an outing wherein i was with Gurl A along with Gurl B.. but Gurl B paid for my trip just to let me join their outing.. Gurl B didn't know that i liked Gurl A.. i didn't notice that Gurl B liked me.. until 1 day, Gurl A told me that her bestfriend likes me and asked me if i chose Gurl A maybe Gurl B would hate her, but if i chose Gurl B then Gurl A that will be hurt.. waaa... im confused... but Gurl A said that maybe i should just court Gurl B because she loves her bestfriend more..

    help anyone?

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    My friend happened t0 experience this situation, she ch0se the guy wh0m she l0ves && they had a bitter-sweet relationship. The 2 guys wh0 0nce treated each other as br0thers are n0w m0rtal enemies.

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    well, here's the thing. neither of them are your GF right?

    buddy, it's confusing coz you are letting it confuse yourself. don't confuse things. go for both of them.

    enjoy and be safe.

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    here is what I can say... just choose 1...

    1. choose 1 of them A or B just choose the girl you like (love) most
    Reason: it is okey to choose one of them I know one of them will get hurt BUT time will heal it...
    and 1 of them will understand. alangan man lumpungun nimo?

    2. Choose none of them...
    Reason: if di ka gusto masakita ang usa, para patas ayaw panguyab nila.. paminaw nako mas di
    kaayu sila sakitan kay patas man. sakitan nuon sila gamay kay di sila imu gi pili pero wa ta ma hems

    all in all... naa gyud masakitan nila kay kinahanglan mu pili ka, unya kinahanglan usa ra imu pili-on...

    (murag kog korek?)

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    ayaw lumponga bro kay mahulog ka ana ug walay klaro,..settle only one(bisan asa nila),...

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    ehatag na nako ang usa..

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    choose the one you love the most.
    ayaw ug kahadlok kay ikaw ra man ang maka-pili kay imo gud nang kinabuhi..
    if 'bestfriends' jud na sila... maka-sabot ra unta na si Gurl B..
    alangan, binogo nasad na kung mag-away sila tungod sa isa ka lalaki.

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    knsa jd imo ganahan? ayaw panguyab sa tao kay tungod ganahan cya nmo or juz to save ang ila friendship... kung tinood jd cya nga amiga sa imo crush mo sabot cya... pero of corse sakit jd para nya (girl b).

    ganahan sad ka sa girl b noh?

    go sa girl nga ganahan jd ka kay love nmo...

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    You can have both. If 1 ra gyud, choose the less annoying one.

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    atubanga silang duha bro.
    nya ingna nga sila nga isa ra jud imo pilion sa ila.
    alangan mn pud nga imo sila dunganon.
    pero kung ok ra nila aw mas maayo.

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