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Koko wa Sebu Watashino Keeken

This discussion is about "Koko wa Sebu Watashino Keeken" in the "Relationships (Old)" forums.
Its kinda weird reading japanese in pure romaji. hehehe The TS just state his experience in cebu. That he came to Cebu to find a ...

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    Its kinda weird reading japanese in pure romaji.

    The TS just state his experience in cebu.
    That he came to Cebu to find a job.
    His a man with a lot of dreams in life...blah2
    And studying his studying japanese.

    I dont think it belongs to this section anyway.

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    .. gibuog ko nag-basa da!

    .. translate please!

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    Translate pls

    Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto

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    last time I checked, doesn't run a professional translation service.

    Binisaya, Tinagalog and Ininglis only.

    @threadstarter: nagbinisaya man ka sa ubang posts nimo, pag bisaya na lang diri or pahibalo unsay purpose ani nga thread.

    here's the translation taken from the thread starter's blog:


    I am a man who has lots of dream in Life. I want to experience difficulties in Life and what really life without my parents. I want to enjoy and to stand by my own. I have been experienced all these in Cebu. I come here to find a job. I have no stability and idea what happen to my life. I came to Cebu with less money and no house to live. I am thankful I have my friend live in Cebu so I stay with her. I help her with house works and payment of bills. All the house works I only experienced it to her house. She does not treat me as house cleaner. I just help her and I want to know house works. He treated me as one of the family.
    While I do these things, I look for a job. I applied to many companies. They have interviewed me and I take an examination. I hired as Data Entry Specialist in a Dallas-base company and I was independent worker here in Cebu. My contract last 6 month. Now I am looking for a job again.
    I am now in one company near Ayala as a volunteer and It helps unemployed people. It does not give job but they train people to qualify for the job they wanted to work. I also train by the company. I attended the Career Workshop and other workshop.
    My friend also recommend me to join Flag Football. I felt good and happy because now I belong to Flag Football. Start I was the personal assistant of the coach. Afterward, I played because I love to play. Maybe by March 2006 will test my willingness to play.
    I also study Japanese I enrolled because of my curiosity. At first I feel no assurance if I will make it but I went on I found interesting, challenging and exciting. I am always present to our class. Studying Japanese is difficult but enjoyable. Japanese grammar is difficult for me but interesting. The teacher recommend the dictionary to us. I do memorize the hiragana, katagana and low in kanji. I used always the daily greetings and _expression. I practice reading, writing and talking in Japanese. I watch Japanese movies and videos. I am not good in Japanese Accent but I am on developing stage. I am looking forward for the day to come when I read, write and be good of Japanese Accent. Maybe someday I can study in Japan and planning to qualified to teach Japanese.
    I have also bad experience but it is ok because how could I pursue my dream if there no bad experience rude over me. My Life does not end here. This is just the beginning.

    beginning of what? no. I think this is the end.

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