BPOSeats.com, Cebu's fast-growing seat leasing provider with 10,000 seats across six prime locations. With a seat that starts for at least $130, the service that you availed in will already go a long way.

- Ayala ACC Tower, Cebu
- eBloc4, IT Park, Cebu
- i1, IT Park, Cebu
- GAGFA Tower, Cebu
- JDN Square, Mandaue
- Marquee Mall, Pampanga

Each seat is inclusive of:

- PEZA Accredited facilities
- Brand new computers and office chairs
- Cubicle setup with sound control
- Air-conditioned rooms
- 24/7 security, IT assistance
- Free water, electricity
- 100 Mbps fiber connection

For further details, please contact me at 09219220775/0323832490 or skype me @theresa.dungo