I would like to introduce you to a project that will turn your 500K or about 17,185 per month investment into 1.5M in 5 years or less.

This one is unique in a way that it is the first Condominium in Cebu, in which can be converted into an office space or be used as residential unit. This is important since, if you notice in IT PARK there is only one building currently being constructed that handles BPO. And with Vacancy rate of less than 5% it means the next 3-5 years there will be shortage of commercial space. Also, most commercial space only caters to big call centers not for small ones. And that is where your market lies. You can cater to small callcenters for both the office space and perhaps the residential unit of the owner/manager.

There is also a big market for Service providers like lawyers, company satellite offices so and so forth. Being a commercial property it will command a higher rent especially since it is in a premium address with premium amenities.Once its finished, have it rented for three years. then sell the condo to the renter for 3.7M. IT would be an easy sell for us because if you think about it lets say your renter is a law or an accounting firm. And he has clients who already knows his business address. Now before two years is up he would renew his contract, and you will then do a price increase of say 10%. He would then be thinking if the yearly price increase is 10% I may end up loosing on this enterprise. But he doesnt want to lose the presitige and convenience of the place. Plus the hassle of finding a new space to rent. Then you provide another solution. Selling the unit to him for a profit. Imagine investing around 500K spread in 2 years and getting 1.5 Million after 5 years. That is a really good return don't you think? And it is easily scallable. You can buy as many units as you want. There would be no problem with finding a tenant for your units since there is a real shortage of quality office space within Cebu's business hubs.

The unit price for a 25.20 condo is currently at 2,312,232.68
Reservation fee is only 30,000
First 11 months equity is 3% = 6224.27 a month.
12 Month is a Spot payment of 5% 114,111.
6313-23 months equity is 3% = 6224.27 a month.
24 Month Spot is 5% 114,111.63
25-26 months is 45,644.65

OR you can opt for the straight 24 months investment of 17,185 a month
80% Bank Financing.

1,825,786.14 For the Financing I would Suggest to get the longest payment term. This allows you to pay the lowest amount per month for the 2-3 years.

Say you opt for 20 Years Bank Financing that would mean you will be paying roughly 18K a month. With Condo Dues of 2K a month that would mean the monthly expense is 20K. If you Rent it out for 30K a month, you will be on profit for 10K a month. Multiply it by 36 Months thats already 360K Profit.
And If you Sell it for 3.7 Million in 3 Years that would mean. You will get 1.2M in 5 years plus the 360k from the rental that would mean a total of 1.5 Million in just 5 years.

This unit can easily be rented for 30K a month and even 40k if its an office setup. With a yearly increase of 7-15% a year, you can have a very good passive income on this.


AVENIR Features Unprecedented Business Solutions In Today’s Competitive Market, Breaking The Mold Of Traditional Market Offerings

Situated in what is considered as the golden triangle of the business district of Cebu City, near all of Cebu’s major commercial establishments and government institutions, it virtually makes all operational transactions accessible – saving time and money.

Approximately 5 minutes (400 M) away from Cebu IT Park
Approximately 3 minutes (280 M) away from Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Approximately 7 minutes (1 Km) away from Cebu Business Park


Stay connected to the world 24/7 with the fastest speeds possible in our roof deck and lobby.
Ensure high levels of availability for your business in a property primed for BPO operations. Wired with both coaxial and fiber optic lines- you are given access to high speed data and voice communication whenever you need it.
You are ensured of fast and secure access to your respective floors at any given time using state-of-the-art lifts that feature a secure key-card system.
For PEZA Certified companies, enjoy all the advantages of a PEZA accredited property.
24-HR Security and CCTV system ensures your safety and that of your property.
On our rooftop, you can enjoy the afterglow of your success and enjoy quiet afternoon teas and martinis.
Enjoy the amenities and services of the Avenir Fitness Gym as often as you would like, as a compliment to your fast-paced lifestyle, keeping in shape is made easier.
Park conveniently and securely with over a hundred parking slots to choose from.
Powered by two (2) 1250 kva power generators with synchronizer. Premiere and Executive office levels enjoy 100% power back-up.


MAXIMIZE your resources. By purchasing an Avenir property, you can be sure of a significant reduction of your operational cost by removing the need to allocate lease-rate escalations in your budget. Avenir is Business Process OPTIMIZATION. Situated in the heart of Cebu’s premiere business district, Avenir is the ideal location for your company to source the three crucial components for success…

ACTUALIZE your business goals. Avenir’s host of practical business solutions help organizations reach its goals by laying the foundation that gives them access to mission-critical resources, thus ensuring efficient and effective business operations for the years to come. By purchasing an Avenir property , you can either earn back your investment through Passive Income Generation or Accelerated Returns.

If you chose to rent out your 25sqm unit, at the acquisition cost of 2.2M, you can earn back your investment on your 6th year granting you have a 100% occupancy at 25K/ Month.

At an acquisition cost of 2.2M, your 25SQM unit will increase in value by 2%. More so, the value of your unit after Topping Off will now increase at 7.10%, and after 24 months (2 years) your unit will now have a 20% increase in value.


Flexible and Functional. Avenir’s signature living spaces are thoughtful innovations that introduce practical yet elegant solutions, allowing you the flexibility of building your business in the comfort of your own home.
Transform your home into your office with ease. Perfectly balance your professional success with a lifestyle that demands adaptability.

Premiere Business Club
Avant offers premium subscription-based services designed to enhance your experience by providing cost-efficient business solutions.
Avant connects you to your target market through:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Contract Management
  • Call & Mail Handling
  • Virtual Office
  • WIFI – Internet Connection
  • Print & Copy Services

Shared Facilities:

  • Business Lounge
  • Virtual Workstations
  • Conference Rooms

All that on top of world-class front-desk management service for your business operations that is aimed at helping you reach your aspirations without having to signi cantly increase operational cost.

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Edgar Sarceno
International Property Consultant
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