Corner Unit: 12th floor facing North East.
Inner Unit: 12th floor facing North East
Includes: Condo Dues and Sky Cable/HBO.
Floor Area: 22 sq.m

Rental: 22,000/month

I fitted out both units with professionally built mahogany furniture and a fold up a mahogany bed that creates double the living space.

High quality material was used when furnishing these units. with the same care and thought as if I would live in them myself.
(30 inch flat screen TV, Carrier aircon, Class "A" flex foam mattress, Electric 4 burner stove, economy electric saving refrigerator, custom stainless steel pipe work for hot water in the shower.

Sheets, pillowcases and 2 towels
Dishes, Bowls, Cups, Pots/Pans, Knives, Forks, Spoons
(The only thing needed to move in is personal items )

The payment terms are to be paid by post dated check.
1 month advanced paid rent and 2 months rent equivalent

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